Back to School Classroom Decorating Ideas with Cassie Stephens

Summer has ended and classrooms start to fill with the excited chatter of children. If you’re looking to present your students with a vibrant surprise, Treetopia’s here to inspire you with colorful ideas. Read on to learn how to turn your room into a fun and fabulous space with the help of art teacher extraordinaire, Cassie Stephens.

Our friend, Cassie is an art teacher, decorator, and creative who loves to spread joy in and out of her classroom. With a sunny personality, she embraces happy and vibrant hues. This translates not only to her outfits, but also into her amazing art. So when it was time to decorate her classroom for a new semester, we were more than happy to help her out.

Walls & Halls

Proving that being creative also means being resourceful, Cassie decided to use recycled materials to decorate her art supply-themed wreath. She created DIY ornaments for her Rainbow Wreath out of toilet paper tubes. Simply amazing! When ready, hang your wreath on walls, hallways, or entryways for a festive welcome.

Nooks & Cubbies

Add some color to your reading nooks or cubbyholes with this adorable set of Rainbow Gumdrop Mini Trees! Irresistibly cute, these make a sweet surprise for anyone who sees them.

Front & Center

Cassie was so excited when her Rainbow Tree arrived that she simply couldn’t wait to set up and decorate Mr. Roy G. Biv immediately! She transformed her classroom into a colorful utopia to match the rainbow theme. To create her DIY art supply ornaments, Cassie handcrafted giant crayons, added in large palette-shape trays, and colorful paint brushes.

Check out her unboxing video below:

With a little bit of creativity (and maybe the help of some of your students) you too can come up with back-to-school decorating ideas. Follow Cassie’s lead in turning the ordinary into something extraordinary! Follow her on Instagram for more examples of how to put a splash of color in your life.

Stay tuned to the Treetopia blog for more decorating tips. Alternatively, you can snag your very own unique and colorful tree now. Happy decorating!

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