YOU GUYS! I am so excited to show you my Treetopia Christmas tree forest! I’ve got so many trees up this year it is going to be a two part special. I kicked off the holiday season with The Treetopia Design Council and my vintage Santa inspired flocked Christmas tree and I just kept going from there!

Stylist Jennifer Perkins with her silver Treetopia tree.

and going and going and going! Here I am with my Silver Treetopia Tree. I always wanted a vintage aluminum tree and this cutie is everything I could hope for and more. I’ve decorated the tree with vintage felt ornaments, yellow ribbon and a collection of elves. Check out how cute this tree looked in my other Home Tour. Might I also suggest decorating the tree for New Years Eve.

Lively lavender tree decorated for Christmas by Jennifer Perkins
This is my first Christmas with my Treetopia Lively Lavender Tree. This was my favorite tree at Halloween and it might be my favorite tree this Christmas. Shhh, don’t tell my other trees. I went with a groovy 60’s inspired color combination. The tree is covered with new and vintage ornaments plus my DIY Neon Pink Christmas Village.

Pink, orange and lavender tree set up for a groovy Christmas by Jennifer Perkins
On the other side of the wall from my Lively Lavender Tree lives my Hot Pink and Orange Tree. These guys fit right in to my swinging 60’s vibe this year. Hot pink and orange are surprisingly versatile trees for Christmas. Well for my kind of Christmas anyway. This is my 4th Christmas decorating my hot pink tree! My how time flies. Check out this beauty dressed as a Vegas Show Girl, Covered in Vintage Toys and the time I made Faux Gift Ornaments to match the gifts under the tree.

Gold Christmas tree by Jennifer Perkins
I’ll wrap this up with my gorgeous Gold Christmas Tree from Treetopia. I’ve covered this gorgeous tree in angels, vintage jewel-brite ornaments (complete with custom DIY tree skirt) and last year was an orange and hot pink ode to my mom. This year I covered the tree in vintage beaded ornaments, made a custom stocking tree skirt and of course went over the top with the tree topper. I think my cat Bri approves!

Check out my for more fun and TONS of Treetopia Christmas Trees!

All photos by Jennifer M. Ramos.