Friday the 13th is considered by many as the unluckiest day of the year. It’s associated with bad luck like black cats and broken mirrors. But do you really know why it gets such a bad rap?

Why is Friday the 13th Unlucky?

Some say it originates from a Bible story, where 13 people dined at the “Last Supper” and Jesus Christ was crucified the next day (a Friday). Others also trace it back to the Code of Hammurabi, one of the earliest written legal references in the world. Oddly, the translated version left out a 13th law. This might have been a simple error, but some don’t think it was coincidental. 

Red tack on Friday the 13th on the calendar
Friday the 13th happens at least once a year.

Historically, a few unfortunate events also happened on this day. For starters, Buckingham Palace was bombed on September 13, 1940. There was also a cyclone that claimed more than 300,000 lives in Bangladesh on November 13, 1970. A major movie franchise (Friday the 13th) is one of the greatest horror movies of all time. It became a blockbuster in 1980 and spawned sequels, video games, and dressing up like Jason Voorhees on Halloween. Eventually, a term was coined to describe the extreme fear of the date: “paraskevidekatriaphobia.” (Try saying that 13 times without stopping for breath!)

Are you worried about the unpleasant surprises the day might have in store? There’s one easy way to protect yourself: wear a lucky charm or decorate your home with symbols of good fortune. Here are 13 popular charms known to inspire positivity and protect against bad luck: 

1. Lucky Colors

Different hues supposedly affect your fate in various ways. Brighter isn’t always better, and some may benefit from shades that are unlucky for others. Astrologists and fortune-tellers predict new Zodiac lucky colors yearly. Generally speaking, here’s what certain colors mean, according to a Business Insider article by an astrologer and consultant psychologist:

  • Red attracts wealth.
  • Yellow drives recognition.
  • Green boosts creativity.
  • White symbolizes abundance.
  • Gold is associated with power.
  • Silver invites prosperity.
  • Blue protects the immune system.
  • Purple energizes.
Lucky colors for Friday the 13th featuring Treetopia colorful trees foliage

There’s also a lucky color for each astrological sign. Treetopia’s unique collection has all the shades. Can you guess which hue means good fortune for you? Mouse over the colorful Christmas tree images below to find yours.

2. Acorns

In the olden days, the English used to carry dry acorns for protection during the Norman Conquest. They were considered by many to symbolize luck, prosperity, and power.

Pluck acorns from the woods as lucky charms

Acorns typically complement classic decorating themes for Christmas. They go well with whimsical woodland elements. Aside from the holidays, decorate your tree for fall with acorns. Turn up the cozy feels with other harvest season accents like maple leaves.

Jen Perkins Fall Tree with acorns
Fall décor and photo by Jennifer Perkins

3. Laughing Buddha

This symbol of abundance and happiness is popuar all over the world. Figurines or elaborate statues are commonly found in homes, restaurants, and shops. Known as the “Buddha of Wealth,” he attracts prosperity to a household or business.

Lucky laughing Buddha for wealth

4. Lucky Cat (Maneki Neko)

Maneki Neko is the famous Japanese lucky cat with a raised right paw. Also known as the “beckoning cat,” it supposedly brings riches and good fortune to its owner. It’s become somewhat of a phenomenon in the Western world. You’ll spot this lovable auspicious cat on statues, coin banks, key chains, and even tattoos.

Maneki neko beckoning cat

5. Crystals

Across time and cultures, crystals have served many purposes. Egyptians, Chinese, and Native Americans, among others, use them to focus energy, bring good luck, and attract love. They believe that crystals emit energy fields that can encourage positive physical and mental health.

Crystals for luck

It’s easy to decorate your home with crystals. Display them on tabletops or hang them on your Christmas tree. Want a creative take on the lucky charm? Get a Christmas tree in the color of your birthstone crystal. How about an amethyst-toned tree if you’re born in February? Or an aquamarine tree for March babies? Another idea is to look for décor inspired by versatile luck magnets like black tourmaline and clear quartz.

6. Ankh

Also known as the Egyptian Cross, the Ankh is a symbol of eternal life, fertility, and creation. It also signifies wisdom and profound insight and was widely used as an amulet in Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian ankh as protective amulet

7. Hamsa Hand

Also known as the Hand of Fatima, the Hamsa Hand is a popular good luck symbol worldwide. It’s common in both Jewish and Muslim cultures. It is known to protect the owner from the evil eye. It also brings happiness to the household and prosperity to businesses.

Hamsa hand lucky charms for Friday the 13th

8. Four-Leaf Clovers

It is thought that the chances of finding a four-leaf clover are one to 10,000? These plants are considered an ancient Irish symbol of good fortune. Believed to have mystical powers, each leaf represents faith, hope, love, and luck. Some also say the four leaves stand for fame, wealth, love, and health.

Lucky four-leaf clover

Decorate your home with the four-leaf clover to attract good luck. Dress up a bright wreath and garland or go all-out with a lucky tree inspired by St. Patrick’s Day.

9. Dreamcatchers

Can’t sleep worrying about Friday the 13th? Look for a dreamcatcher for your bedroom. This Native American ornament looks like a web of strings stretched over a loop. It’s decorated with beads and feathers and believed to attract all dreams and trap nightmares.

Good dreams pass through to the person sleeping. Nightmares dissolve when daylight comes.

dreamcatcher to ward off bad vibes

10. Daruma Doll

This unusual Japanese doll with blank eyes is very auspicious. When you receive a Daruma doll, make a specific wish or set a clear goal. Concentrate on what you want as you fill its right eye with black ink. When your wish comes true, fill its left eye.

Daruma doll to make wishes come true

11. Horseshoes 

They’re one of the most popular good luck symbols of the Western world, and have a long history as protective charms. Horseshoes are common in Egyptian iconography, as well as Islamic art. An old horseshoe found by chance is thought to be more powerful than one just bought.

lucky horseshoe as a protective charm

12. Rabbit’s Foot

Rabbit’s foot keychains, whether real or fake, are popular symbols for luck and protection. This belief traditionally came from Hoodoo magic. For it to work, slip a left hind rabbit foot in your left pocket. Gamblers usually carry one for good luck in casino games.

lucky rabbit's foot charm

13. Eggs

Various cultures regard eggs as a symbol of fertility, purity, and rebirth. It’s considered lucky to give an egg as a gift. In ancient times, eggs were used to encourage the growth of crops, protect cattle, and ward off the evil eye. For happiness on top of good luck, look for a brown egg. 

golden eggs for luck

Think about how you decorate for Easter with eggs. They symbolize life and growth. Paint them in your lucky colors for extra good vibes!

Whether you’re superstitious or not, everyone can use a bit of good luck. There’s no harm in carrying a lucky charm in your pocket or displaying a fortune-bringing figurine at home. To make things easier, just display a Christmas tree in your lucky color. Share this post to those who also want odds in their favor on Friday the 13th!

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