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About Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins is an Austin based mom, DIY project designer, blogger, social marketing strategist and Treetopia brand ambassador.

The latest addition to my Halloween tree forest is this guy: Mr. Lively Lavender. At first, I was skeptical about how a lavender tree would work for Halloween, but I gotta tell ya—this is my favorite tree this year! I know I never thought I could love a tree more than the candy corn tree, but this year, it’s happened.


Mini Halloween trees by Jennifer Perkins

I get it, not everyone is ready to commit to a 6 ft tall Halloween tree, and that’s ok. Tabletop trees are the perfect solution. All the fun, without the commitment or need for space. Not just tabletop trees—think garlands and wreaths too!


Jennifer Perkins poses with her Treetopia Candy Corn tree.

Here she is, the tree that brought me to Treetopia! If I had a tree spirit animal it would be this Candy Corn Tree. It was love at first Halloween tree sight, when I spotted this tree. I’ve used this tree as a Halloween party photo prop, for a round of Musical Chairs, decorated it with bats, and last year, gave it the Teal Pumpkin Project treatment. This year, I went with witches!


Hot pink tree with vintage Halloween masks and doll heads by Jennifer Perkins

Who says hot pink doesn’t scream Halloween? There is no reason why my hot pink tree should not join in the Halloween fun with my orange and black trees. I went with doll parts, vintage Halloween masks, and pops of emerald green. This Halloween, think pink when you are decorating.


DIY Halloween Play-Doh ornaments

DIY Halloween Play-Doh ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

The idea for this Halloween ornament came to me because of a common mom dilemma—my kids kept leaving the lids off of their Play-Doh, which meant lot’s of empty containers to throw out. Then I thought: “Hey, those would make adorable little Halloween ornament dioramas”! So I dug them all out of the trash and busted out the glitter! So easy, fun and customizable!


Snake ornaments for a tall skinny black tree.

DIY Snake Oraments by Jennifer Perkins

Another day, another Halloween ornament! This black Halloween tree is full of handmade fun. There is an array of DIY ornaments I painted and also some fun orange flowers with slithering snakes. Creepy crawly snakes are easy to make with wait for it… Green hot glue!


DIY black cat ornaments

DIY black cat ornaments for a candy corn tree by Jennifer Perkins

All week I have been sharing DIY Halloween ornaments. So far, we’ve talked monsters and doll stew. Today, let’s show the cute side of creepy with some kitties. This Halloween, I decided to give my beloved Candy Corn Tree the witch treatment, and no witch is complete without her black cat.


Small black Halloween tree

Small black Halloween tree with DIY doll parts by Jennifer Perkins

These my friends, may be the creepiest Halloween ornaments I have ever made—and I’ve made A LOT of Halloween ornaments in my day. When I had the crafty idea to join together my box of vintage doll parts and some old children’s pots and pans, I knew I was onto something. Remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for at the store, you can always make it yourself. Needless to say, they don’t have doll part stew ornaments at the store.


DIY felt monster ornaments for a purple Halloween tree by Jennifer Perkins

DIY Felt Ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Finding the perfect Halloween ornaments can be tricky business. Especially if you do Halloween like I do Halloween. Sure, orange and black are swell, but let us not forget the awesomeness of hot pink werewolves and lime green mummies! Especially when you pair them with a purple Halloween tree.


Decorate a black Christmas tree this Halloween to show support for the #tealpumpkinproject with Jennifer Perkins for Treetopia

Halloween can be tough for the 4 million children affected by food allergies. Trick-or-treating means giving up majority of your candy because it may be full of peanuts, milk, or soy. The Teal Pumpkin Project was started in 2014 by F.A.R.E.. Teal pumpkins on doorsteps (or in black Halloween trees) let kids and parents know that this house is giving out something other than candy. As a parent of a child with a peanut allergy, this cause and these teal pumpkins are near and dear to my heart. This Halloween, consider stocking up on temporary tattoos, pencils, stickers, and a teal pumpkin. If you want to take it a step further like I did, decorate an entire Halloween tree to show your support.