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The Treetopia blog hopes to inspire you with fabulous decorating and entertaining ideas that celebrate your personal sense of style. Liven up the look of your home with our exciting selection of decorating tips and tricks for every holiday and season.

Friday the 13th Banner

Friday the 13th is considered by many as one of the unluckiest days of the year. If you feel worried about the unpleasant surprises the day has for you, there’s one easy way to protect yourself from those bad vibes: wear a lucky charm. We’ve listed down 13 popular charms known to inspire positivity and attract good luck.


Craft Month 2018 - 3 DIY Easter Decorations banner

We’ve just finished a month-long celebration filled with DIY Easter Decorations by Jen Perkins! She’s made some adorable ornaments to welcome spring, using tools and materials that you can easily find at home. If you’ve missed her fun and easy tutorials, we’ve compiled them to inspire the crafter in you.


4 St. Patrick's Day Treats that are Sure to be a Hit

We’d like to share the luck of the Irish with traditional recipes in honor of this cultural celebration. May your bellies be filled with the most scrumptious food this St. Patrick’s Day! Read on to learn more!


DIY Easter Decorations: How to Create Bottle Bunnies Banner

We hope you love Easter puns, because we’re back again for another eggs-hilarating project! To conclude our Craft Month series, we will be creating bunny bottle containers out of used PET bottles. With Jen Perkins as our guide, you only need these few materials and tools. Read on to learn more!


DIY Easter Decorations: How to Create Stuffed Bunnies Banner

Crack open your DIY kit and ready your glue gun, because it’s time for another eggs-travagant Easter project! This week, we’re creating stuffed bunny decorations with our resident DIY expert, Jen Perkins. Make sure to have these materials and tools before creating your own fluffle of bunnies:


DIY Easter Decorations: How to Create Bunny Ornaments Banner

While Easter is still a month away, it is a great source of inspiration for our DIY projects this National Craft Month. Hop into spring and rediscover the joy of creating with Jen Perkins as your guide. This week, we will show you how to turn your ordinary ornaments into round, adorable bunnies! Here’s what you need to get started:


Happy Mardi Gras from Treetopia

Bon Mardi Gras! That’s right, folks, Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday”, is fast approaching and we hope you’re as excited as we are. More than the entertaining parades and exciting throws, a ton of traditions were built over hundreds of years to made this Carnival truly fascinating. Here’s a peek into Mardi Gras’ history and how our celebrations stemmed from tradition.


The holiday season is over, the decorations have come down (apart from that one house that is still hanging on and really loves Christmas), and people are settling back into their normal routines all over the country. But how did people experience the holiday season across America? We grew curious to find out, so we surveyed Americans to see just how their holiday season fared. We posed questions around stress, decorating, festive music, and even ugly Christmas sweaters that all provided interesting results.


2017 Clearance Sale Banner

The holidays may be over, but we still have a ton of presents under our Christmas tree. A diverse collection of high-quality trees, stylish ornaments, and fabulous accessories are all on sale for a one-of-a-kind Christmas display. Enjoy incredible discounts and seize the best deals of the season for your stylish 2018 celebrations. This may be your last chance to find your perfect centerpiece before it’s sent back to Santa’s workshop with Treetopia’s 2017 Clearance Sale.


New Year’s Eve has always been a time for reminiscing the past months and looking forward to the year ahead. It’s an opportunity to reflect on our goals and resolve to follow through to achieve them. Did your New Year’s resolutions make it to our list? Find out below: (more…)