May 6, 2019

Warm Her Heart with a Sweet Mother’s Day Brunch

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Mothers day brunch garland table runner and more

Show mom how special she is to you this year by setting the scene for an inspired and heartwarming Mother’s Day brunch. Sure, the food is important, but ambiance makes everything better.

Mother's Day brunch floral garland

A flower-covered Treetopia artificial garland makes the perfect table runner.

Use a Garland as a Table Runner

Cuddling at a Mothers Day brunch

When people think of a garland they usually envision it swagged on a staircase or hung over a fireplace. Using it as a table runner is a fun way to add drama to a Mother’s Day brunch table. Just look how cute a white garland works for Easter brunch.

How to Decorate Your Garland Table Runner

Mothers day brunch set-up

Does mom love color and kitsch? Is she more of a minimalist? Consider all these things when decorating your garland table runner, which will be the centerpiece of your Mother’s Day brunch. Ideas include:

  • Colorful faux flowers
  • Small tea cups and tea pots if it is a Mother’s Day tea party
  • Pompoms
  • Floral sprigs
  • Live flowers

All of these items should easily be arranged in the garland without hangers or ties.

More Mother’s Day Decorating Ideas

tea cups and flowers mothers day decorating idea

When it comes to Mother’s Day everybody knows their own mom best, including the type of decorations they like. When planning brunch for yours take her style and taste into consideration. Here are some other ideas for decorating a traditional or colorful Christmas tree or wreath that yours might enjoy.

What to Serve at a Mother’s Day Brunch

mothers day garland with flowers

As always, take Mom’s wants and needs into consideration. What are her favorite foods? Is she a vegetarian? Remember this is about Mom. For a casual setting like this I’d suggest:

  • Fresh Fruit – Berries, melon slices and small cut fruit
  • Yogurt Parfaits – No mixing necessary if they are already assembled at the table
  • Hard Boiled Eggs – Add a bit of protein to the spread
  • Pastries – Small muffins, croissants or sweet breads
  • Coffee or Tea – Depending on what mom prefers to drink

Nobody Said You Had to Sit at the Table

The dining room table is fine. But, for an informal brunch setting the scene in a family room or den can also be fun. Try using the coffee table instead.

A coffee table is perfect for a Mothers Day brunch

If you need more room than your coffee table has to offer, expand it. You can easily do this by laying a long card table on top and covering with a decorative table cloth.

Inspired Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers day decorating ideas for brunch

If you have gone to the trouble to serve brunch and decorate a gorgeous artificial garland, no gifts are necessary. However, if you really want to win Child of the Year here are a few inspired Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Trophy wine corks Mothers Day gift ideas
Trophy Wine Bottle Toppers for Mom

Be sure to take lot’s of pictures and enjoy the day. It’s not all about what you serve for brunch or how you decorated. It’s about the time you spend with loved ones. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

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