January 4, 2019

Treetopia’s Clearance Sale: 4 Decorating Themes to Try

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Treetopia New Year's Clearance Sale

Still not over the holidays? We feel you. Start planning to trump last year’s holiday masterpiece with these gorgeous decorating themes. Take it a step further with up to 60% off on awesome decorations from our New Year clearance sale!

Metallic Magic

Magic Metallic New Year Clearance Sale

Turn up the festive vibe of your Christmas or New Year’s bash with a metallic theme. Give friends and family an early heads up to stir up some excitement. What’s the attire? Glitter-glam, of course!

Set the scene with a silver or gold tree with a coordinating wreath, and then jazz them up with shiny ornaments.

Spin it Your Way

Spin it Your Way New Year Clearance Sale

Reinvent Christmas classics through a quirky decorating theme. All it takes is a one-of-a-kind tree, loads of creativity, and help from your family. Why not try candy canes as inspiration?

There are so many different ways to inject that extra special something in your decorations. Start with your choice of tree (or wreath and garland) and use your favorite Christmas icon to come up with a real standout.

Feel-good Classic

Feel Good Classic New Year Clearance Sale

Christmas brings out the kid in everyone, and a big part of the magic is your treasure chest of childhood memories. Relive your favorite ones by decorating one of our green trees with traditional ornaments, or hanging a pre-decorated wreath to save time.

Use decorations you saved throughout the years. Don’t mind any wear and tear, it’s part of their charm. You can hunt for old school décor online, in flea markets, and garage sales. Or use our Timeless Christmas Figures for a vintage look.

White Wonder

White Wonder New Year Clearance Sale

A white Christmas tree is one of the most versatile decorations. Use it for just about any holiday. Think of it as a blank canvas that you can turn into a work of art.

Whether it’s for Easter, Halloween, a birthday party, or even an anniversary, all it takes is the right decorations to suit the occasion.


Shop our New Year clearance sale then share this with those who want to start prepping for the holidays ahead. Less stress, less rushing, and more value—what more could anyone ask for?

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