December 15, 2018

Spark Your Creativity with Christmas Decorating Themes from the Pros, Part 2

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In a recent post, we unveiled five of 10 holiday decorating themes from this year’s Design Council. As promised, here are the rest. We hope these inspire you to let your own Christmas decorating ideas shine.

That 80s Christmas Hit

80s Christmas decorating ideas
Rad Christmas decor by Kara Whitten

Here’s totally “tubular” holiday décor by our brand ambassador Kara of A Kailo Chic Life. She decorated our Frozen Fir Flocked tree with black and white striped ribbon and ornament cutouts painted in bright colors.

80s inspired Christmas decor
Get sucked into an 80s time warp by neon and squiggles.

Round neon ornaments and disco balls really take you back. And, it’s not just the tree. Spot the squiggles and geometric shapes all over her decorating theme. Talk about 80s feel-good nostalgia! What’s your favorite era? Take your design cue from that.

Birthday Balloon Blowout

balloon Christmas decorating idea
Christmas or not, this makes you want to party!

If bright balloons and birthday surprises are what tickle your fancy, then be inspired by this Christmas decorating idea by Lilly of The Creative Heart Studio. Now, this is a decorating theme that you can take to a children’s party any time of the year.

Balloons, balloons everywhere!

Our Pretty in Pretty in Pink tree, wreath, and garland serve as pretty backdrops to colorful balloons, DIY balloon animals made of felt, and shiny ornaments. Let your passions inspire your décor. It need not strictly be a Christmas theme.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Talk about pink power!

Maybe the little girl is all grown up but is still one deep inside. Show her some love by celebrating Christmas with décor that’s a tad sophisticated but also as fun and girly as Cortney’s decorating theme.

A vintage-inspired Santa ornament hits the sweet spot!

Her pink tree is oh-so-fabulous with its bright and sparkly color scheme of aqua, white, silver, and gold. She decorated it with our Timeless Figures ornaments and Tinkerbell Silver tinsel garland. A wreath completes this pretty decorating theme that’s also great for New Year’s Eve.

Color Me Christmas

Dreamy and whimsical Christmas decorations

Jen, also of A Whimsy Wonderland used our Whisper White Cashmere tree to make her colorful ornaments stand out. Her tree décor is bursting with personality. She shows her love for pink with a garland atop her windows and decks out a wreath with matching ornaments.

Check out the roller skate and hot air balloon ornaments.

Green and red are the traditional colors of the season. But, what if your favorites are everything but green and red? Break tradition, bust out that wild palette, and celebrate Christmas with your true colors.

Vintage Space Age

Imagine this tree’s light show with that color wheel light.

Krys of Melodrama decorated our Moonlight White tree with retro space flair. Everything from UFOs, boomerangs, Santa in a spaceship, and glittery starbursts down to her no-sew tree skirt screams her theme.

Earth to Santa! What time are you landing?

You can base your decorating idea on ornaments that you already own. Then, let loose those DIY powers to craft trimmings that complement the look. Whether you’re inspired by the past or the future, or like Krys, a combination of both, let each and every detail speak for your theme.

These holiday decorating ideas are meant to add fuel to your creative fire. There’s no wrong way to decorate for Christmas. The right way is your way. Share these themes with friends and family who are looking for creative inspiration. Happy decorating and celebrating!

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