November 20, 2018

Your Christmas Tree Buying Guide for 2018

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Your Christmas Tree Buying Guide for 2018

It’s that time of the year to go Christmas tree shopping! Treetopia’s Christmas tree buying guide makes choosing the right one quick and easy. We break it down into 5 simple points.

1. Remember that Height Matters

Leave at least 6 inches of breathing room between the top of the tree and your ceiling. You want to protect the surface and fixtures from snags and scratches. For example, get a 7.5-foot tree for a standard 8 or 9-foot ceiling. This will leave you with enough space to add your favorite tree topper.

2. Choose According to Location

Decide on where you’re putting your tree and measure the area before buying anything. Then, check the tree’s measurements to see if it’s a good fit.

The size of your space is where the shape or profile of the tree comes into play. A traditional Christmas tree with a full profile will be wide and sloping, while a slim tree will be narrow. On the other hand, a pencil tree will have a steep slope and slender silhouette.

3. Know Your Needles

PE and PVC Comparison

Artificial Christmas trees are made with a combination of PE and PVC. You can identify the percentage of each material used in “the foliage” section when viewing a Treetopia Christmas tree. We have extra shimmery ones with non-flammable tinsel foliage.

Flocked Christmas Tree

PVC needles resemble evergreen foliage. These give colorful trees a lush appearance.

Oh Christmas Tree

PE plastic is injected into molds to create the Realistic PE Needles found in our traditional green Christmas trees. Realistic needles mimic the color, texture, and even subtle shading of the real thing. However, this can make a full PE tree more expensive than a full PVC tree.

Do you want a fun tree with a wide range of color? A full PVC tree is the best way to go. If you want a lifelike tree, then PE foliage or a high percentage of it would be your best bet.

4. Literally Brighten the Holidays with a Pre-lit Tree

Light Comparison

Save yourself a lot of time during set up and storage by purchasing one of our pre-lit Christmas trees. Professionally-strung lights have strings that match the tree foliage for a consistent look.

The most common lighting options available are Clear, Multicolor, and Colorfully-lit. There are also trees available with Color Changing LED lights. No matter which type you prefer, make sure to get UL®-approved lights. They stay on even if a bulb burns out, saving you a lot of hassle.

LED lights on Christmas trees are popular because of their energy-saving quality. They have a bright white or bluish-white glow, while traditional lights are warm.

As a rule of thumb, your tree should have 100 light bulbs per foot of the tree. This means a full 7.5-foot tree should have about 750 lights. However LED lights are brighter, so a tree can do with less.

5. Express Your Personal Style

Express yourself with our collection of colorful and traditional green Christmas trees. Our Pretty in Pink Tabletop Trees add a cheerful vibe to a room. A Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree can be used for a chic New Year’s Party, while orange and yellow trees are good options for Thanksgiving. We bet you’d love to see the glint of vintage ornaments on a Silver Shadow Ombre tree! At the end of the day, the tree you buy should match not just your space, but also your style!

Need more help on choosing your artificial tree? Check out our other Christmas tree buying guides!

Share your tips for buying a Christmas tree in the comments section below!

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