August 26, 2018

How to Decorate Creative Back to School Wreaths

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Jen P Back to School Wreaths - Hero Banner

Summer is over, and it’s time for the kids to go back to school. It’s important to remember that preparation goes beyond buying supplies; it has everything to do with getting the kids in the right frame of mind. One way to get the entire household or classroom in gear for the school year is to create school-themed decorations.

We love how our brand ambassador and DIY maven, Jennifer Perkins, decorated our artificial wreaths to really capture that school spirit. Hang them in the classroom, study, living room, and even the playroom to give the kids school inspiration. Read on to learn how to give your space a fun learning vibe.

Put the A+ in Art

Remember your art class? Jen’s Back to School Art Wreath will take you on a trip down memory lane to all those great art projects you used to bring home from school. Hang this cute and colorful wreath in the living room or art room to get those creative juices flowing.

Back to School Wreath by Jennifer Perkins

For this project, all you need is our No. 2 Pencil Wreath, your pick of artsy odds and ends (Jen opted for vintage paint tins), a trip to the nearest crafts store, and your boundless imagination.

We think the real standouts here are the little cans of paint and paint-dipped brushes. These really add that art class touch to her creation. Jen shows you how to make these mini-explosions of color here.

Easy as ABC and 123

Here’s your chance to make Math and English fun for the kids! We’re not kidding when we say Jen’s Adorable Back to School Wreath is precisely what its name suggests.

Jen Perkins' Back to School Wreath

Jen took our Addison Spruce Wreath and decorated it with colorful balls of thread, crayons, pencil cases, and magnetic letters and numbers. We recommend digging through your treasure trove of last year’s school supplies for this project.

We hope these help the kids ease into the school year. You may want to get them involved with the decorating to get them even more excited!

Visit the Treetopia for more ideas, and choose from our wreaths and garlands to get you started on your next decorating project!

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