June 7, 2018

Colors of Love: Slumbering Alligator

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Treetopia’s Colors of Love continues with Mark Laferney from the Slumbering Alligator! A fierce and fabulous crafter whose DIY creations involve anything from rope rugs to painting murals, Mark has made it his personal mission to express himself (and the wonderful world of diversity) through his art. We’ve asked him a couple of questions on how this journey has shaped his artistic career and the people around him. Read on to see how this colorful creator views the world.

How do you express yourself online through social media?

I express myself through my art, crafting, and DIY projects on my website (www.slumberingalligator.com), Facebook (Mark LaFerney) and Instagram (@slumberingalligator). I’ve been creating art ever since I can remember. My quirky style (thanks, Grandma) is a direct representation of my upbringing and allows me to express myself as a member of the LGBTQ and crafting communities.

What are some of the feedback that you’ve gotten regarding how you express yourself?

Thankfully, my work and I are generally well received. It’s the biggest compliment when others are inspired by my projects to create and express themselves through art.

How involved are you in the LGBTQ community?

Very. I’m involved socially and have contributed artistically by designing art installations for many LGBTQ parties and events. I also used to be a member of a gay rowing team here in Chicago.

What’s your favorite thing about the LGBT community?

We don’t back down.

Name one misconception about the community that you wish to change.

I wish that we could be less defined by our sexuality and more defined by all of the other things that make us human.


Favorite Gay Icon?

John Waters.

Mermaid or Unicorn?


Britney or Christina?


One has to go, who would you pick? Beyonce, Mariah or Cher? Why?

This isn’t fair, everyone knows Cher will be the last person on Earth. But, Mariah. Why? Glitter.

Describe the LGBTQ community in three words.

Resilient. Omnipresent. Fabulous.

Huge thanks to Mark for taking part in our celebration of love and individuality! Visit the Slumbering Alligator to check out his designs, or follow him on Facebook and Instagram. Come back in the next couple of weeks to see our exclusive interviews with Lauren Fairweather and Jennifer Perkins. Happy Pride Month!

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