April 22, 2018

7 Creative Ways to Use Jelly Beans

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7 Creative Ways to use Jelly Beans Banner

Here at Treetopia, we’re always looking for ways to inspire creativity and find unique ways to express yourself. That’s why we’re celebrating Jelly Bean Day by showcasing what people can do with this tiny, sugary treat. Read on to learn how even the humblest of sweets can be transformed into amazing works of art.

Mixed Berry Mosaics

Throughout the years, images have been used to express artists’ ideas through depictions and styles—even the medium can convey something unique, whether it be paint or jelly beans. You simply need a huge amount of patience, coupled with a generous handful of beans.

Island Punch Arrangements

Brighten your day with a sweet floral arrangement. Simply fill the bottom of a clear vase with beans and place a larger clear container on top to seal and protect the beans from the florals above. Mix a variety of beans and faux or fresh flowers for a fun and unique centerpiece.

Superfruit Structures

While you can’t build your house on a foundation of jelly, you can construct model buildings with toothpicks. The beans are sturdy enough to hold numerous toothpicks together to create various shapes and sizes. These jelly bean projects are a great way to introduce children to STEM classes.

Berry Blue Bracelets

Do you have memories of crafting your own friendship bracelets, whether it be on a camping trip or among your closest friends? With this guide, you can relive those fond moments with a little creativity.

Very Cherry Cocktails

Kids aren’t the only ones that can have all the fun. With this quick recipe, you can create the vivid spectrum of drinks inspired by the colors of jelly beans. As vibrant as these glasses are, they do have a rather large alcohol content, so keep that in mind when serving guests.

Tutti-Frutti Donuts & Ice Cream

For those who want a sweeter treat, you can turn this bag of candy into something wholly different. From donuts to ice cream, these jellies can be molded to even more impressive forms. With numerous flavors and vibrant colors, you can create a wide selection of sweets.

Sunkist Music Videos

Singer and songwriter, Kina Grannis and music video director, Greg Jardin, decided to do something totally unique with their music video “In Your Arms.” From start to finish, the video features scenes made entirely out of jelly beans.

We hope that this colorful showcase will inspire you to be beanboozled into creating all kinds of wonderful things. How will you be celebrating Jelly Bean Day this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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