December 22, 2017

Colorful 2017 Holiday Home Tour with Treetopia Brand Ambassador Jennifer Perkins Part 2

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It’s me Jennifer Perkins coming at you with day 2 of my Treetopia filled holiday home tour! As you can see I take my job as brand ambassador really seriously. It’s a tough job turning your house into a colorful winter wonderland full of technicolor tannenbaum, but somebody has to do it. If you missed Day 1 of the tour start there.

Decorated Christmas mantle with Treetopia garland by Jennifer Perkins

First things first, we gotta give a shout out to the big man – Santa! Above the fireplace is my ode to Mr. Claus complete with vintage blow molds, colorful ornaments and of course a Treetopia garland. Wanna know more about blog molds? Check out this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins.

Ice cream tree for a tweens room by Jennifer Perkins

Earlier in the season I talked about Christmas in small spaces like a Tween Bedroom and a Tiny house. Lucky for me my daughter loved all the DIY ice cream ornaments I made for Christmas in July (make your own clay ice cream cones, ice cream sundaes, drip cake boxes and double scoop pompom cones). These sweets looked perfect in her room on a slim white Treetopia tree.

Jennifer Perkins make a yellow tree fit right in for Christmas.

It’s small, but mighty my Treetopia yellow Christmas tree. Mental note: I want a BIG ONE next Christmas. I never knew I could have these kinds of feeling about yellow, but apparently I can. This tree looks adorable snuggled into a nook with other trees or covered in Christmas angels. Oh and want to know more about those jewel trees on the wall? There’s an episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins for that.

Speaking of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins – wanna take a video tour of my entire winter wonderland? Try and count how many Christmas trees I have up! Want even more? Le duh, sure you do. Check out How to Put a Colorful (VERY Colorful) Twist on Your Holiday Decor over on HGTV and 10 Totally Outrageous Christmas Trees over on DIY Network.

Flocked Treetopia Christmas tree by Jennifer Perkins

Last but not least, just when you guys were wondering if I could do traditional I’ve got my Treetopia Flocked Christmas Tree. I covered this beauty in more vintage Santa dolls, ornaments, kids crafts and more. The main theme is red, white and green. This was my tree for the 2017 Treetopia Design Council and I adore it.

Thanks for coming over to hang out. Next time bring me a donut will ya 😉

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