December 12, 2017

Decorating for Christmas in Small Spaces

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Don’t let your home’s lack of space dampen the Christmas spirit. Treetopia has your back with innovative space-saving artificial Christmas trees that are not only attractive, but also practical. With a little creativity, you can spread the season’s joy to any room in the house. To get started, follow these simple tips to turn your limitations into lasting memories.

Find the Perfect Spot

Mia Pencil Tree by All Things with Purpose

Placement is key for holiday decorations to shine. No matter how big or small your tree is, keep functionality in mind and remember that it will stay in place for the whole season. If it hinders your daily activities in some way, it may be best to use smaller or slimmer options.

Already have a spot illuminated by natural light or other sources? Is there a spot that always catches your eye? You may have just found a great spot for your Christmas tree. Other factors to consider would be access to electricity and unused space. Don’t hesitate to move some furniture for the holidays to give you more room to work with.

Pick a Simple Theme

Designing your home requires a lot of elements: color, furniture, décor, and lighting all come together to form the style of your room. Simple themes require the least amount of space, but still give you a complete design. An example would be a coastal motif, with soft blues, pure whites, and simple objects like seashells, corals, and other items reminiscent of the ocean.

If your room already has a theme, then it would save you time to follow suit. Any furniture and decorations you already have would complement your Christmas tree and ornaments.

Choose the Perfect Tree

With a location and theme ready, you only now need to find the tree that matches perfectly with them. Treetopia offers you a huge variety of Christmas trees, all in different colors, shapes, and sizes. We also offer slimmed down versions to save space and still make a statement. Look no further than these three types:

Snowy Spruce Flocked Christmas Tree by Lia Griffith

A Slim Christmas Tree is your best bet for a traditional tree that can match your home’s size. It offers you the same features of a regular Christmas tree, but with a slender profile.

Tried and True Flatback Tree

The Flatback Christmas Tree is great when your back is against the wall, literally. As the name suggests, this tree has a backside that can conform to any flat surface. With this tree, you have half the size, but all the elegance of a full tree.

Skim Milk White Pencil Tree by Flamingo Toes

If you’re still in a tight spot, then the Pencil Christmas Tree might be your best option. Its narrow profile allows you to add a festive cheer to even the most limited of spaces. This is especially wonderful for those with excess vertical space, as you can get an even taller tree and a bigger canvas for you to design with.

Focus on Color

Smart Fun DIY Ice Cream Social 2

Color adds character without having to take up space. Instead of adding more ornaments, focus more on directing a variation of hues into your overall design. There are thousands of tints and tones for you to choose from, but soft shades are the way to go. Bright, neon, and other more vivid colors can be too overwhelming for some. However, if you really want to infuse some flashy pigment, then make full use of negative space. Give your audience a break from strong hues by adding some calmer tones in between, like white, beige, or gray.

Use Other Decorations that Don’t Take Up Space

Designed Decor Mia Pencil Tree

Remember that old riddle of a man who was asked to fill a room with a small amount of money? We’re going take that same wisdom and apply it to our decorating. Mirrors and scents are great avenues to complete the holiday ambience. Infuse the air with the festive fragrances through scented oils, sprays, or with Treetopia’s Scentsicles.

Even if you are short on space, you won’t be short on style. From whimsical colors to classic green foliage, bring Yuletide cheer to any size home. Find the perfect holiday space-saver from Treetopia’s collection of artificial Christmas slim colorful trees, colorful pencil trees, green slim trees, mini tabletop trees, potted trees, or flatback trees. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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