August 10, 2017

Treetopia’s Guide to Christmas Tree Foliage

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Treetopia Foliage Guide

Artificial Christmas trees come in many shapes and sizes. From full and traditional to slim and narrow, they serve as the perfect canvas to showcase your creativity. Treetopia offers an extensive collection of green and colorful artificial trees to choose from. We assist you in making the selection process easier with this helpful foliage guide. Read on to find out which among the four types suit your personal decorating style.

1. Classic PVC

PVC or polyvinyl chloride was the first type of plastic to be used in molding needles for artificial Christmas trees. Each tip is crafted by cutting sheets of hard-pressed PVC and twisting them around wire branches. The result is a lush tree with flexible strands that resemble classic evergreen needles which can be shaped accordingly.

This inexpensive type of foliage is created with strands of varying thickness for a more natural look. Branches are then layered evenly to help block light from passing through the tree in order to create an abundant and full silhouette. Because of this feature, PVC foliage has become a common filler used in the interior branches of trees to achieve that natural effect. This versatile material can be created in a myriad of hues, which makes it the primary foliage of our colored trees.

2. Realistic PE

PE or polyethylene needles were introduced into the market several years after the emergence of PVC. PE needles are crafted using an entirely different method. It requires a combination of green pigments being mixed with liquid polymer plastic that is injected into molds. These casts are based on actual tree branches and leaves, therefore taking on the natural shape and texture of evergreen foliage.

Considered to be the only material that can fully replicate nature’s evergreens, PE has become a household name for those who seek out classic Christmas trees. Treetopia has a collection of green artificial trees that are based on natural fir, spruce, and pine trees.

3. Sparkling Tinsel

Many people love the sparkle of tinsel. Originating from extruded silver and other shiny metals, it has always been known for its bold shimmer. Today, modern tinsel is made from economical plastic with a high metallic sheen. Produced the same way PVC needles are made, tinsel requires an additional step of coating the needles with a reflective finish. All our trees in the Sparkling Collection boast this festive foliage. Whether decorated with ornaments or left bare, the dazzling look of this material reflects the joyful spirit of the holidays.

4. Combination of PE, PVC, and Pine Needles

Considered the sweet spot in the artificial Christmas tree world, the blend of PVC, PE, and pine needles gives you the right balance of fullness and texture. The stark differences work together really well to ensure a lush and gorgeous conversational piece.

Each foliage type has their pros and cons, and it all boils down to your personal preference. Are you the adventurous type that is passionate about fun trees with colorful or sparkly foliage? Or the traditional type who loves the look of real trees? Depending on your decorating style, Treetopia has got you covered with our extensive selection of artificial Christmas trees.

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