August 10, 2017

Jen Perkins’ Back to School Art Class Wreath

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Back to School Wreath by Jennifer Perkins

Back to school time is here and that means time for a new wreath. Whether you are a teacher wanting to decorate your classroom or just want to celebrate your kids going back to school, this is the perfect wreath.

Back to School Wreath by Jennifer Perkins

Did I mention the base wreath is called the No. 2 Pencil? Get it? Like the pencil! This wreath was meant to be! It’s also available with a matching tree and garland. How awesome is that?

Jen Perkins' Back to School Wreath

Last year’s back to school wreath was pretty hard to beat. I still adore this wreath covered with magnetic letters, crayons, and vintage cat eye glasses. However, after a year of collecting paint tins, I think I may have topped my wreath.

Back to School Wreath by Jennifer Perkins

Not just vintage paint tins (some still have their original price tags), I also added some paint dipped brushes and mini paint buckets for pops of color. I envisioned this wreath more art class than algebra.

Orange tree by Jennifer Perkins with art theme

The small buckets of paint and brushes originally adorned my Treetopia Basics Orange Tree which I decorated as a Art Studio Christmas Tree for DIY Network.

Paint can ornaments by Jennifer Perkins
All the details about how I made the paint buckets and colorful brushes are here.

Jennifer Perkins decorates a back to school wreath

Good thing I’m a hoarder, and kept those brushes and paint tins because they look pretty adorable on this year’s Back to School Wreath.

Back to School Wreath by Jennifer Perkins

I debated on giving it to my kid’s school art teacher, but it looks so awesome hanging above my desk, I’m not sure I can part with it. Have you ever decorated a back to school wreath? Tell me everything!

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