June 23, 2017

Happy National Pink Day from Treetopia!

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Today is National Pink Day! Are you decked out in an all-pink ensemble yet? How about finally fulfilling your dream of decorating your home with everything pink? Today is a great day to take the first step in achieving your goal. Take it from our brand ambassador, Jennifer Perkins, who actually grew up in a pink Victorian house to give you some pink-filled inspiration. We’ve curated some of Jennifer’s best pink Treetopia trees that she has decorated throughout the seasons.

Some Like It Hot Pink Christmas Tree decorated by Jennifer Perkins for Christmas


One of Jen’s favorite trees from Treetopia is her Some Like It Hot Pink Christmas Tree. She’s used it for Valentine’s day, during the summer, and every holiday in between. The way she decorated it a few Christmases back will always be a standout in our book. Using our Peppermint Twist Candy Cane ornaments set, she created a gorgeous and vibrant display that complemented the colorful furniture in her formal living room.

Pretty in Pink Potted Christmas Tree decorated by Jennifer Perkins for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Jen loves decorating and putting up a tree for every occasion. She created this thoughtful Mother’s Day display using our Pretty in Pink Potted Christmas Tree. Black and white elements were used to add character and depth to the tree’s light pink hue. A polka dotted garland was then used to tie the look together. The marquee letters placed at the foot of the display were customized using washi tape and paint—an ode to Jen’s quirky DIY aesthetic.

Some Like It Hot Pink Christmas Tree decorated by Jennifer Perkins for Easter


Jen showcased the versatility of our Some Like It Hot Pink Christmas Tree when she created this Easter display using cute little ornaments in the form of bunnies, chicks, and colorful eggs. According to Jen, the part she enjoyed making the most was the tree topper. Focusing on a sunny yellow hue, the finished look radiated with vibrance and playfulness, a perfect mood for Easter.

Some Like It Hot Pink Christmas Tree decorated by Jennifer Perkins for Halloween


Halloween is one of Jen’s favorite holidays. Given the many possibilities in decorating for this season, she has proven that you don’t have to be limited with using black trees when it comes to spooky designs. She adorned our Some Like It Hot Pink Christmas Tree with beautiful layers of handmade black and white ornaments. Vintage masks also added a touch of whimsy to the over-all appearance.

We hope Jen’s pink tree designs spark your inner decorating diva to think out of the box. We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below. Happy National Pink Day!

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