May 4, 2017

May the 4th be with You: The Empire’s Favorite Tree

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Star Wars: Vader's Favorite Tree

A uniquely colored tree is perfect for any season. Because of their contemporary designs, you can choose to put them up all year-long. As we celebrate May 4th today, we’d like to revisit a post our friends from the galactic empire shared. The 1/6 Legion featured a Black Gold Ombré Tree which totally impressed Lord Vader and brought him back to his childhood.

Browse through the photos below in order and reminisce that fateful day when everything seemed to be one with the force.

Lord Vader’s Christmas was certainly one to remember, thanks to Grand Moff Tarkin, Figrin D’an, an Emperor’s Royal Guard, and a battalion of stormtroopers. They meticulously put up the Galactic Empire Black Gold Ombré Tree. Who knows, because of the emotions he felt upon seeing the tree, Lord Vader might just turn over to the light in the future.

You too can recreate the same look in your home, any time of the year by using Star Wars ornaments and a lot of creativity. Go ahead, Lord Vader would be proud.

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