May 1, 2017

Mother Daughter Tea Party Tree

Posted by Jennifer Perkins in Decorating Ideas for Every Christmas Tree

Decorating a yellow tree for Mother's Day.
Different people celebrate Mother’s Day different ways. A common tradition is a mother daughter afternoon tea. I took this tea party theme and ran with it for my latest Mother’s Day Tree. I say latest because let us not forget, the pink tree full of pictures that I decorated for Mother’s Day last year.

Using a tea set, I made several small floral arrangements. Real flowers could be used for a more temporary look, but my arrangements are full of felt and fake foliage. I love the colors and textures of yarn, plastic, fabric, and delicate ceramic tea cups. All you need is a hot glue gun and you are ready to go.

There is a tea pot, sugar bowl, creamer, and tea cups. All of the arrangements were wired into the Treetopia Basics Yellow Tree with zip ties. Additional felt flowers, floral sprigs, and pompoms were added for pops of color throughout.

Each arrangement is slightly different, but the china pattern on the cups is the same. A mismatched set of china from the thrift store would also be fun!  Be sure to spread the arrangements out evenly within the tree, so that the tree is not too heavy on one side and might fall over.  Read: Weight Is Your Only Obstacle When Decorating a Christmas Tree for a refresher.

Not just for Mother’s Day, this tree looks great all spring and summer long, if you are so inclined. You can also just remove the arrangements from the tree after Sunday and display the tea set with flowers. I’m leaning towards option 1!

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