April 6, 2017

Using a Christmas Tree for Vintage Easter Collectibles

Posted by Jennifer Perkins in Decorating Ideas for Every Christmas Tree

Decorating a tree for Easter.

Easter is so kitsch-a-liscious and that is why it is one of my very favorite holidays to decorate for. The bunnies and chicks are so colorful and happy. All those beady little eyes staring back at you, rejoicing to be feeling the April sun on their faces after a year in a dark attic. As with every holiday, my trusty white Treetopia tree comes in handy as a way of displaying my collection. This guy looks just as cute at Easter as he did at Christmas.

Decorating a pink tree for Easter.

My white Treetopia tree is not the only one basking in the joy of Easter, my potted pink Treetopia tree is joining in on the fun too. This smaller tree fits perfectly into this nook in my house, and looks great covered in hard plastic vintage Easter toys in shades of yellow. This pastel pink tree looks just as adorable decorated for Mother’s Day and Christmas, as it does for National Ice Cream Day and Valentines.

Using a tree to display vintage rubber face dolls.

One of the things that is so awesome about using a Christmas tree to display your seasonal collections is that the branches are strong enough to hold large items. These stuffed vintage bunnies with rubber faces are not lightweight, yet they nestle in the branches of the tree with ease. The bunnies are not wired in, they just sit there among the foliage.

Using a Christmas tree to display vintage Easter collectibles.

Vintage Easter collectibles are the star of this show, but the ornaments are just as important. I love using items from the floral department at craft stores in my trees and of course, tinsel garland. Almost every tree I decorate involves my Treetopia First Frost Iridescent Ornaments. I love the way they look like bubbles floating on the tips of the branches.

Want more? Check out my home tour on the DIY Network Facebook Page where I share my Easter trees and more!  Let us know what you think. Have an Easter tree up at your house?

Want more Easter inspiration…

Recognize that nook? One year, I made my own giant Easter Bunny Tree to fit inside.

One Easter, my hot pink tree made an appearance to display my Easter goodies.

I loved my original Easter Bunny Tree so much he got a makeover last spring.

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