March 16, 2017

Small Home Series: 5 Small Living Room Design Ideas

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Outside the bedroom, we tend to spend most of our family time in the living room, and decorating this high traffic area can be a challenge especially with limited space. However, you can maximize this vital piece of real estate with practical choices and clever design techniques. Draw inspiration from these small living room design ideas to achieve a beautiful, well-utilized living space.

Let the Light In

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A healthy combination of artificial and natural lighting can open up any space. During daytime, remove obstructions from your windows and entryways to maximize sunlight. Don’t rely on a single source of artificial light for nighttime illumination and opt to spread out multiple light sources around the room. Photography by Tessa Neustad.

Visualize your Small Living Room Design

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Don’t fall into the trap of buying furniture and accessories based solely on saving space. A very narrow side table may create unwanted negative space that disrupts the flow of the room. In contrast, a 4-piece sofa set is impractical if the goal is to maximize space. Instead of focusing on size, try to visualize your small living room design and see how each piece of furniture fits. Photo by Emily Henderson.

See the Magic in Glass

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Glass tables take up less visual space than their wood or metal counterparts, so your living room appears more spacious. Since they are transparent, glass also allows your favorite decorating accents to take center stage. Safavieh’s living room features a glass coffee table with a gold frame. This accentuates the tabletop décor, while the rest of the structure blends seamlessly with other elements of the room.

Expand the Room with Ease

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Hanging your curtains from ceiling to floor can trick your mind into thinking the wall is higher, hence the illusion of extra vertical space. This simple adjustment also changes the appearance of your windows and entryways, creating a streamlined look without much labor. Photographed for Home Polish NYC by Taliroth Designs.

Take Advantage of Every Space

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Rather than settling for a minimalist look, maximize every piece of real estate available. Stylist Emily Henderson did just that by creating a gorgeous gallery wall behind the living room entertainment system. With a bit of inspiration, awkward corners can be transformed into functional storage and living spaces.

Decorating a small living room can be a challenge, but with practical choices and some interior design know-how, your living area can look and feel more spacious. Need more tips on decorating with limited space? Check out 7 Small Bathroom Design Ideas from the Treetopia Blog.

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