January 12, 2017

Ornament Storage Bags: Must-Haves for Holiday Hoarders

Posted by Jennifer Perkins in The Latest from Treetopia

Ornament storage with Jen Perkins and Treetopia

Were you starting to get worried about me after last week’s post about Christmas Tree Storage? Wondering if I was lying in an attic underneath a mountain of unorganized holiday decor? Never fear, all is right in the world. The trees are in their bags and now the ornaments are in their storage boxes. Not to mention, my attic is looking pretty tidy.

Ornament storage with Jen Perkins and Treetopia

This week I conquered ornaments. If I have over 100 Christmas trees, I can’t even begin to tell you how many ornaments I have. Ornament storage boxes are handy dandy little things. They are deep enough for two layers of ornaments. The boxes come with dividers that you can use or opt out of. Each compartment is roomy enough for a large ornament or two small ornaments. I put my solid-colored plastic ornaments in large bins, but my nicer ornaments get the box treatment.

Ornament storage with Jen Perkins and Treetopia

The soft-sided cases zip up and have a clear top so you can remember which ornaments are inside—this is my jewel-toned box in case you were wondering. Now, all my nice ornies are safe and sound ready for next Christmas. I think I can officially say Christmas is put away. Now it’s time to get things back out to decorate a Valentine’s Day tree!

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