December 8, 2016

5 Fabulous Ideas for Decorating Your Pencil Tree

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When you’re short on space but still want to keep the holiday spirit alive, a pre-lit pencil Christmas tree is the perfect choice.

Christmas decorating ideas for a pencil tree

Instead of a traditional tree with a full profile, a pencil Christmas tree is slender from tip to base. Decorating a slim tree may seem limiting, but it opens up doors for showcasing your creativity and discovering new styles! Here are some fabulous ways to decorate your pencil Christmas trees.

1. Choose a Theme for Your Pencil Tree

mia pencil christmas tree

Photo Courtesy of All Things with Purpose

Avoid overwhelming the tree’s foliage by using a well-defined color motif. Choose a color theme with one or two dominant colors and decorate your tree with ornaments in varying shades of that palette for a polished, modern look. Dressed in varying shades of teal and white, Sarah’s Mia Pencil Christmas tree is a terrific example. The Starry Night Satin Dreams Ornament set is complemented by blue-green ornaments in polished and matte finishes with white woodland themed décor.


2. Go for 3-D Tree Ornaments

pink lemonade pencil christmas tree

Photo Courtesy of The Connoisseur of Cute

Select 3-D ornaments like the ones on Lizzy’s Pink Lemonade Christmas Tree that was inspired by South Texas. 3-D Ornaments like avocados, margaritas, and piñatas enhance her pencil tree’s smaller foliage volume by adding an illusion of depth. Another great 3-D layering strategy is placing smaller ornaments on the inner portion of the tree, with the larger items in full display. Try to think of the inner parts of the tree as the farther edge of your line of sight, while the outer part is the plane closer to you.

3. Use Ribbons or Garlands

skim milk pencil Christmas tree

Photo Courtesy of Flamingotoes

You can also create a fabulously decorated pencil tree by adding ribbons or garlands in the mix. This helps define the pencil tree’s slim profile and add horizontal volume to your display.  Bev’s use of a plaid ribbon around her Skim Milk Pencil Tree ties her farmhouse theme together and sharpens the look of the tree without overpowering the white foliage.

4. Finish with a Unique Pencil Tree Topper

Bring visual interest to the highest point of your tree with a unique tree topper. Lizzy’s palm tree topper with sweeping green branches contrasts the tapered pink foliage of her pencil tree. Similarly, Sarah’s starburst topper brings a spectacle of lights to hers. Like Lizzy and Sarah, select a tree topper that still ties up with the rest of your decorating theme!

5. Match with Your Décor

A pencil tree and living room decor

Photo Courtesy of All Things with Purpose

Use your pencil Christmas tree to complement your home’s interior decorations. Lizzy’s pink pencil Christmas tree works well with the South Beach inspired colors of her home, while Sarah’s tree matches the modern rustic feel of her living room. Matching your tree’s design with your interiors can help the tree have bigger visual impact, especially in smaller spaces.

The non-traditional profile of your pencil Christmas tree shouldn’t limit your decorating choices. In fact, it should give you more room for creativity and more room overall!

Get your own slim tree and see what wonderful things you can decorate it with by checking out Treetopia’s wide range of colorful and green pencil Christmas trees!


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