November 18, 2016

Treetopia’s Cyber Week Sale 2016

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Christmas arrives early this year with Treetopia’s awesome online deals—just in time for Cyber Monday and Black Friday! Featuring our latest products, our biggest sale of the year so far is sure to keep you ahead of the latest holiday trends. Skip the long queues and get the best Treetopia has to offer with our Cyber Week Sale 2016!

The Best of Both Worlds with Color-Changing LED Lights

color changing Christmas tree

Portland Pine with Color-Changing LED lights

The Portland Pine is one of our first trees to feature our new Color-Changing LED lights. This cutting-edge LED technology lets you switch from multi-color to clear lights at the push of a button so you can have the perfect lighting for any decorating theme. Featuring an abundance of PE needles, this realistic tree has branches that can be shaped to create an upswept or downswept look. Our Portland Pine’s Cyber Week price starts at $318 for a 6.5-foot tree.

green artificial tree with color changing lights

Alexander Fir, now with Color-Changing LED lights

With its full profile and dense, dark green foliage, our Alexander Fir combines quality with traditional flair. Now pre-lit with our Color-Changing Lights, you can now get this full profile artificial Christmas tree for under $200.

Holidays Made Brighter with Clear LED-Lit Colorful Trees

pink christmas tree with LED lights

Pretty in Pink Christmas tree, now available with Clear LED lights

Treetopia’s Pretty in Pink Christmas tree has been a customer favorite for years. Featuring soft pink branches and pink PVC needles, this Christmas tree is now pre-lit with clear LED lights. These lights glow brighter than traditional lights, providing the perfect backdrop for your decorations—from Christmas to Valentine’s Day and beyond. Take home our most adored tree now and get up to 50% off its original price.

black christmas tree with LED lights

Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree. Photos from Jen Perkins

Our Tuxedo Black Tree is a gorgeous centerpiece for any occasion. Dressed in jet black needles, this black Christmas tree is a favorite for holidays like Halloween or Mardi Gras. Now pre-lit with Clear-LED lights, our Tuxedo Black tree is more stylish than ever. Get yours today, starting at $108!

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Impeccable Style with Unique and Colorful Trees


Treetopia’s Black Gold Ombre Tree. Photos Courtesy of A Kailo Chic Life

Few trees are as stylish and unique as the Black Gold Ombre and Silver Shadow Christmas trees from Treetopia. Featuring a solid black top, bronze middle, and gold bottom, our Black Gold Ombre tree is a showstopper for any party, while our Silver Shadow’s gorgeous black, gray, and silver gradient is sure to spruce up any space. These stylish trees are now offered pre-lit with clear LED lights starting at $198 for Cyber Week 2016.

white flocked artificial christmas tree

Treetopia’s Frozen Fir. Photos Courtesy of Lolly Jane

The epitome of a white Christmas, our Frozen Fir features pristine white needles covered in thick white flocking. Designed with a slim silhouette, this flocked Christmas tree is big on style without taking up too much space. Create your very own winter wonderland this year with the Frozen Fir, now at half its retail price.

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Complete the Holidays with Wreaths and Garlands

silver pre-lit wreath

Tinkerbell Silver Wreath and Garland with LED lights

Our Tinkerbell Silver Wreath and Garland brings sparkle and glamor to any space. Dressed in silver tinsel needles, our holiday wreath and garland look stunning on your front door or windows. Complement your sparkling holiday décor with our Tinkerbell Silver Wreath and Garland for $58 each during Cyber Week 2016.

green wreath with LED lights

No. 2 Pencil Wreath and Garland with LED lights

Sharpen the look of your Christmas ensemble with the lush foliage and tapered tips of our No. 2 Pencil Wreath and Garland. Featuring durable PVC needles in a grass green hue, this artificial wreath and garland are pre-lit with bright Clear LED lights that will last for many holidays to come. Our No. 2 Pencil Wreath is available now for just $68.

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Sparkle and Shine with Treetopia’s New Ornaments

First frost ornaments

The 12-piece First Frost Iridescent Ornament Set

Our new First Frost Iridescent Ornament set features a translucent blown glass body that reflects light with a rainbow-like shine. Display the magic of winter’s arrival with our First Frost ornament sets, with a special introductory price of $58.

metallic ornament set

The 50-piece Metallic Medley Ornament Set

The Metallic Medley Ornament set creates variety and depth for most decorating themes. Featuring 22 gold and 28 silver ornaments in matte and shiny finishes, this new ornament set from Treetopia pairs well with traditional or colorful Christmas trees. Be the first to own our Metallic Medley ornaments for only $88.

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Stay ahead of the latest trends and get the best deals on what Treetopia has to offer with our Cyber Week Sale 2016. Visit Treetopia for more deals on artificial Christmas trees, ornaments, and holiday foliage.

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