November 22, 2016

Design Council 2016 Day 2: DeDe of Designed Decor

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brown christmas tree for Christmas in all shapes and sizes

DeDe, the DIY extraordinaire behind Designed Decor, celebrates Christmas in all shapes and sizes with a lot of love! Living with Mr. DD, her four boys, and a couple of furry companions, her 4-foot Chocolate Truffle Potted Christmas Tree is a reflection of the warm holidays in their household. 

chocolate truffle potted tree for Christmas

Each year my Mother-in-law buys each of her grandchildren a Christmas ornament and gives it to them on Thanksgiving Day so they can add it to the Christmas tree. Our tradition was always to put up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and we would have each of our boys place their own ornaments on the tree. We began to call our Christmas tree the “Love Tree” because it was full of ornaments that the boys made over the years, ornaments that were made by family members or ornaments that were given to us as gifts by family and friends. My boys are all grown and we no longer set up our “Love Tree.” This year I was able to decorate the 4-foot Chocolate Truffle potted tree as our “Love Tree.” I placed a few of my favorite ornaments that were made or given to us and the boys and I also made a few “Love” ornaments to add to the theme. It will be nice to walk past this tree and be reminded of Christmases past.

Check out the full reveal of DeDe’s Design Council 2016: Christmas in All Shapes and Sizes tree on Designed Decor!

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