September 22, 2016

Welcome fall with decorated trees
One of the best ways to welcome fall is with a beautiful combination of artificial Christmas trees. Why decorate just one tree for fall when you could decorate three? I happen to think that the Chocolate Truffle Potted Tree, Treetopia Basics Orange Tree and the Treetopia Basics Yellow Tree all look pretty groovy together.



I’ve decorated my orange tree for Halloween, Valentine’s, Christmas, Superbowl and Fall. Who knew that an orange tree was so versatile? It’s all about the ornaments, people. For this fall tree, I went with lots of pinecones, flowers, dried hay, and hand-painted scarecrows. Check out the full DIY for making your own scarecrow ornaments on my blog.



Another surprisingly versatile tree is my friend the Treetopia Basics Yellow Tree. Valentines Day, Christmas and now Fall—it looks great. The super cuteness of these vintage scarecrows I nabbed at a flea market are sure not hurting anything.



The latest tree in my collection is this scrumptious brown baby. This potted tree comes with its own stand and has built-in pinecones. I added extra ones, of course, and even a few painted gold. The giant acorn accents and quilted pumpkins help, too.

Welcome fall with this beautiful combination of trees. DIY scarecrow ornaments optional, but totally recommended.

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