August 18, 2016

How to Decorate a Pink Christmas Tree

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how to decorate a pink Christmas tree

Pink Christmas trees may seem feminine, but they’re more versatile than you think! Though the color pink isn’t usually associated with traditional Christmas decorations, it is extremely easy to achieve a stunning look that is just as sophisticated as a tree of any other color. Here are some ideas for decorating a pink tree from Treetopia!

Gold and Silver

Gold and silver theme on a pink Christmas tree

For an elegant look, accentuate your pink Christmas tree with gold and silver ornaments in various shapes, shades, and textures. Combine ornaments like our Old World Splendor Set, Gemmed Up Pearl Beaded Ornaments, or Simply Regal Shatterproof Set and watch your tree shine as the metallic ornaments reflect the tree’s lights. Complete the look with our Ivory Dream Satin Tree Skirt, accented with metallic trim that complements the gold and silver palette.


Use multi-color ornaments and decorations on a pink Christmas tree

For a fun and vibrant tree, decorate with the colors of the rainbow. Combine our Starry Night Satin Dream Ornaments, Peacock Glamour Glass Ornament Set, and Color Glaze Glass Ornament Set to add tropical flair to your pink Christmas tree. Finish your tree with the gorgeous colors of our Regal Peacock Tail Tree Topper for an eye-catching display.


Pink on pink will tickle your fancy

Take your pink Christmas tree to the next level by using pink, white, and red ornaments! In addition to being the perfect Christmas tree for anyone who loves pink, this can be used for other holidays and celebrations like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or your little girl’s birthday! Choose a tree in your favorite shade of pink, then mix and match as many pink and red ornaments you’d like. Play around with contrasting shades and textures for a truly captivating Christmas tree.


Neutral colors look elegant on a pink artificial Christmas tree

For a gorgeous yet understated look, combine neutral colors like ivory, taupe, and gray on a light pink Christmas tree. Lindi from Love the Day used muted shades to complement her Angel Pink Flocked Christmas Tree instead of draw attention away from it. The key is to use shimmery ornaments in neutral hues that sparkle under your Christmas lights.

With their beauty and versatility, pink trees can be the perfect addition to your favorite holidays. How do like decorating your pink tree? We’d love to hear from you!

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