July 7, 2016

Christmas in July: Traditional Green or Tuxedo Black?

Posted by Jennifer Perkins in Decorating Ideas for Every Christmas Tree | Home Decorating with Treetopia

Jen's decorated Oh Christmas Tree from Treetopia

Time for Round 2 of the Treetopia Christmas in July Special. It looks like July in this picture of my Oh Christmas Tree with the pool in the background, but I promise it was December. I may have a tree up year-round (right now my Ice Cream Tree is in the game room) but I only decorate those trees for Christmas in December!

Jen's Tuxedo Black Tree from Treetopia

On the total opposite end of the traditional Christmas spectrum is the Treetopia Tuxedo Black Tree. I love this tree for so many reasons. Sure, there is the part about me being obsessed with Halloween decorations, but it is really a versatile tree year-round. When the Panthers were in the Super Bowl it was great. I’ve decorated in Plaid and Memphis styles for the holidays. Then there is my true love Halloween—I’m already plotting what I will do this year. I’m just sayin’ right now that tree is on super sale. Seriously more than 50% off, go get one and thank me later.


Oh Christmas Tree is another fave of mine (also on 50% off people!!!!). Sure I love me a hot pink, yellow, or black tree at Christmas, but I do have kids and they prefer a green tree. I’ll convert them eventually. The Oh Christmas tree is really nice and super realistic looking. I’ve decorated it with my Santa collection and with my collection of vintage Fisher Price toys. There was that also that time the kids and I spent the summer making crafts to decorate it. Looks good either way.


So which tree will you snag this July? Christmas is just 6 months away and Halloween, even less.

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