July 21, 2016

This is my final Christmas in July post, and luckily I am signing off with one of my all time favorite Treetopia styles—Pretty in Pink. I have the wreath and the potted version. This baby pink tree has helped my family celebrate Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s and even National Ice Cream Day. Then, of course, there is my pride and joy—my Valentine’s Day wreath. Who knew pink was so versatile?

When I’m not displaying my wreaths, I keep them safe and sound in one of these Easy Going Wreath Storage Bags. These babies are super handy. If you have worked this hard on a wreath, you want to take good care of it, right? As many vintage goodies as I have stuck on mine, this wreath is probably one of the most expensive decorations I own.

So what Treetopia tree will you get during our Christmas in July sale? Is a pink tree tickling your fancy? It sure tickles mine!


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