June 30, 2016

Christmas in July with Jennifer Perkins and Treetopia

Posted by Jennifer Perkins in Decorating Ideas for Every Christmas Tree | Home Decorating with Treetopia

Christmas in July with Jennifer Perkins and Treetopia

Christmas in July, you’ve heard the term—but what does it mean? Is Santa coming? Should you hang up your stockings? Not exactly. What it does mean is that July is the halfway mark to Christmas. In 6 months, hall decking will be in full swing. In the meantime, July is a great time to find awesome discounts on Christmas decor.

Different ways to decorate a yellow Christmas tree.

This Yellow Treetopia tree is a perfect example. Not only is it adorable at Christmas, it is great in the summer as a pineapple. Don’t even get me started on how much I love it at Valentine’s Day.

Addison Spruce Wreath decorated by Jen Perkins

Not just trees, July is also a great time to buy wreaths like this Addison Spruce. Obviously perfect for Christmas, but I’m partial to hanging it in the spring adorned with fresh flowers.

Jen's decorated orange trees from Treetopia

We will be spotlighting several of my favorite trees throughout the month of July. Check out this Treetopia Orange Tree; it is 30% off right now and perfect for an artist’s studio, Halloween, SuperbowlValentine’s Day or fall. So many trees, so many holidays, wherever shall you start?

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