May 19, 2016

How to Maintain the Color of Your Christmas Tree

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how to prevent discoloration of your christmas tree
One of the benefits of purchasing an artificial Christmas tree is longevity; you can find a tree that you love and continue using it for many years. However, your favorite artificial tree can become dull or discolored if not properly taken care of. From protecting against stains to defending from harmful UV rays, make sure you keep your tree vibrant for years with this comprehensive guide from Treetopia.

Use a Storage Bag

Proper storage is key to maintaining your tree’s colorful foliage, and the best way to protect it is to utilize a tree storage bag. If you’re using the box, wrap the tree in clear wrap to protect it from animal urine or insect droppings, which can stain your white or colorful tree. Finally, place the tree in a cool dry place like your basement or a closet.

Clean Before and After Setup

Cleaning your Christmas tree before packing it away will help remove debris. Dust and dirt can cause your foliage to look dull and may be very hard to remove after months in storage. Once out of storage, cleaning the tree can help give it more vibrancy.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemical Cleansers

In our post, How to Clean your Artificial Christmas Tree, we advised against using soaps with strong chemicals. Similar to the sun’s harmful UV rays, strong chemicals can trigger a reaction that can discolor the foliage immediately or gradually.

Keep away from Direct Heat

Even if your tree is made from flame retardant materials, it is likely that the foliage will suffer from fading, blackening, or melting if exposed to direct heat. Heat damage isn’t covered by warranty either, so it’s best to keep your tree away from radiators, open fire, and other sources of direct heat. Here are 5 tips to prevent heat damage to your holiday decorations from Jennifer Perkins.

Keep away from Sunlight

Sunlight may be great for an evergreen sapling, but harmful UV rays will cause gradual fading of the foliage’s color. Place the tree opposite the window or beside it to avoid direct sunlight. Avoid placing your tree outdoors or directly in front of the windows to keep the foliage vibrant for longer.

A little effort and care go a long way to keep your tree vibrant and colorful for years. Remember to check out Treetopia’s line of tree storage bags to keep your tree safe during its long hiatus.

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