April 21, 2016

Spring Wreath Decorating with Real Flowers

Posted by Jennifer Perkins in Home Decorating with Treetopia

How to add flowers to your wreath for spring.
Bouquets on the table are so last year, so why not try some fresh flowers in a wreath? Easier (and cheaper) than you might think. Hang that wreath on a starburst mirror and you have the perfect statement piece.

A wreath with living foliage looks great indoors or outdoors. If you’re hanging the wreath outdoors, make sure temperatures are not too hot or your flowers will wilt sooner. Indoors, with the help of some floral water picks, your living wreath will last just as long as a bouquet on your dining room table.

I started with a Treetopia Addison Spruce Wreath. The first thing you want to do is fluff your wreath just like you would a tree.

If you want your flowers to last, invest in some floral water picks. These are found at the craft store or at a florist’s. Floral pins and floral wrapping tape might also come in handy getting your blooms to stay in place.

Hardy (and inexpensive) grocery store bouquets are always a safe bet for wreaths like these. These flowers are engineered to last. Plus, at $5 bucks a bouquet, what is not to love?

Whether or not you use your floral water picks is completely up to you. These handy little guys will keep your flowers alive longer, so my vote is to use them. They are leakproof for the most part, so you don’t have to worry too much about them ruining your wall or lights in your wreath.

How to add living flowers to a wreath.
Hang your living wreath indoors or outdoors. Hang it alone or over a decorative mirror like I did for extra impact. Either way, this project is an awesome way to bring spring flowers into your home and onto your walls.

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