February 2, 2016

Valentine’s Day Blog Hop: Jade of JaderBomb

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Jade Harrington is the editor and designer of JaderBomb, where she invites her readers to connect with her through recipes, holiday ideas, and crafts. Aside from the two loves of her life, she also loves her dog Ceaux Ceaux (who has her own Facebook page), black hot glue sticks, pens, washi tape, the smell of Christmas, gold, Dr. Pepper, and blogging.

Learn more about Jade’s decorating style, and her thoughts on love and the little things in our exclusive interview:

TT: What are the little things that can make or break your design?
Jade: COLOR! Colors surely make it or break it for me. I like to express my true spirit and personality in all of my projects. Anything that sparkles and glistens gets an A+ in my book!

TT: In what way do small decorating touches make an impact?
Jade: I believe small touches can bring everything together. Personally, I love adding tiny details in my work because there I can express myself. Sure, big is good but small is better!

TT: Which tiny accent can’t this tree/wreath go without?
Jade: GLITTER! I can’t imagine decorating any tree without glitter. It screams HOLIDAY and LOVE!

TT: What are the small things about an ornament/accent/décor would instantly make you fall in love with it?
Jade: If it’s handmade. I love seeing things personalized and made in a creative way. When you take the time to create / make something it shows in the final product.


JaderBomb's Valentine's Day project

Photo courtesy of JaderBomb

TT: Small piece of decorating advice that can make a big difference?
Jade: Fill big spaces with larger items and add detailed decor everywhere else. I also believe in adding things that are not so typical in a tree. Example: I will add stuffed animals, trinket boxes, pictures in frames or anything that I might simply find around my house. It’s all in the details, y’all!

TT: How important are the little things in a relationship?
Jade: Very important. It’s the little things throughout the day that matter. Sharing coffee together, running bath water, cooking dinner or filling up a car with gas. Even though these are daily things that have to get done it’s nice when someone takes the time to recognize your spirit and help out!

TT: In relationships, what’s a “big thing” to you that others would consider little or insignificant?
Jade: Affirmations of LOVE. I think it’s very important to remind your partner how important they are and that they make a difference in your life. It’s always nice to hear these things and know they are real!



Photo courtesy of JaderBomb

TT: What small Valentine’s gift or gesture is most memorable to you?
Jade: Taking an entire day and making it all about your partner. Last year I was surprised and brought to a beautiful botanical garden and that is right up my alley! I love being shown pure love.

TT: Extravagant gestures or small surprises?
Jade: BOTH! HELLO don’t we all love both of those! If I had to pick ONE I would say small surprises. I think it’s fun to have a full day of these!

Visit JaderBomb to see more of her tree, and don’t forget to join our Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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