February 3, 2016

Valentine’s Day Blog Hop: Cathie of Cathie Filian

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Cathie is the crafty entrepreneur behind cathiefilian.com, where she shares her love for vintage fabrics, big-eyed art, good food, antique shops, and her family. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two little daughters, and can usually be spotted with glitter on her face, baubles around her neck, and Mod Podge on her hands.


Get to know Cathie better through our exclusive interview:

TT: In what way do small decorating touches make an impact?
Cathie: It really is the little things. My girls are 2 & 3 and they love all the little seasonal decorating touches I do around the house. It creates a warm and inviting environment plus it shows that I care. My hubby loves it too…but he isn’t a fan of storing all my stuff.

TT: Which tiny accent can’t this tree/wreath go without?
Cathie: Glitter paper hearts were a must have for this tree. They were actually to/from tags but the color and size were perfect with my pink tree. I love the little sparkle they give off!

TT: What are the small things about an ornament/accent/décor would instantly make you fall in love with it?
Cathie: If it has flair then it’s for me. I love ornaments that have whimsy and spirit. Something handmade or with a personal story behind it is always a favorite.

Photo courtesy of Cathie Filian

Photo courtesy of Cathie Filian

TT: Small piece of decorating advice that can make a big difference?
Cathie: Go for it! Don’t be afraid to show your personality through design. It’s YOUR space so make it for you.

TT: How important are the little things in a relationship?
Cathie: The little things are everything. A little smile, pinch or kiss can make my day. I’m lucky to have a family that loves little surprises.

TT: What small Valentine’s gift or gesture is most memorable to you?
Cathie: Last year Eddie and the girls made me breakfast in bed. It was heart-shaped waffles, berries, whipped cream, coffee and fresh squeezed OJ. It was lovely.

Get a closer look at her tree on cathiefilian.com, and don’t forget to join our Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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