February 5, 2016

Valentine’s Day Blog Hop: Beverly of Flamingo Toes

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Beverly McCullough is the fun and quirky persona behind Flamingo Toes. Having grown up in a creative family of artists and seamstresses, it is no surprise that she loves to create. She now oversees Flamingo Toes full-time, and spends most of her time off with her two kids, reading, listening to 80’s music, or watching old movies.

Flamingo Toes

Learn more about Beverly in our exclusive interview:

TT: In what way do small decorating touches make an impact?
Beverly: I think small touches can really make decorating feel more personal. Often they are the little things only you would add, so they make the whole space come together!

TT: Which tiny accent can’t this tree/wreath go without?
Beverly: I think these little pink trees are just the cutest! They would look great with almost anything, but I think tiny little ornaments and hearts are a great way to not overwhelm them since they aren’t very big. They make a fun accent!

Photo courtesy of Flamingo Toes

Photo courtesy of Flamingo Toes

TT: What are the small things about an ornament/accent/décor would instantly make you fall in love with it?
Beverly: I love the details in a piece or room. The little books on a table or cute little pieces on a mantel add so much fun and style.

TT: How important are the little things in a relationship?
Beverly: I think the little things really add up! My husband makes my coffee every morning. It’s a little thing, but starting off the day with that sweet gesture sure makes me day start great!

TT: Extravagant gestures or small surprises?
Beverly: Definitely small surprises. I love an extravagant gesture as much as the next girl, but I love the little things during the day or week that let me know he’s thinking about me all the time.

Check out Flamingo Toes to see more of Beverly’s trees, and don’t forget to join our Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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