December 3, 2015

How to Make your Green Christmas Tree Stunning

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How to Decorate a Green Christmas Tree

How to Decorate a Green Christmas Tree

Having a traditional green Christmas tree doesn’t mean you have to be limited to the usual décor. With the right ornaments and accessories, a green tree can be chic and stylish—the perfect holiday centerpiece! Give your green Christmas tree the treatment it deserves with this guide from Treetopia.

Introduce a bit of Color

You can’t go wrong with a red and white or silver and gold theme, but don’t be afraid to use a motif that is more representative of your personality and preference. Michael Wurm of Inspired by Charm used an assortment of colorful ornaments to create his gradient-rainbow-inspired Christmas tree. Michael may have broken a few decorating rules with his Slim Spruce Christmas tree, but it’s hard to argue with the stunning results. If you’re not an experienced decorator, try adding colorful accents instead of coming up with a theme from scratch.

Go for Non-Traditional Pieces

Look no further than our Brand Ambassador Jen Perkins’ Oh! Christmas Tree to inspire you to decorate your green tree. Her tree features classic red, white, and gold hues, but a closer looks reveals non-traditional items: vintage toy ornaments! Vintage items, photo ornaments, and toys can be used to decorate even the most traditional of Christmas trees. As Jen says, “size is really the only thing you need to consider when decorating your tree.” As long as it fits your overall theme, there’s no limit to the decorations you can use.

Don’t Forget Green Trims

Green accents will do wonders for your Christmas centerpiece. Use a combination of glittered decorations, baubles with a polished finish, and matte ornaments that complement and contrast the tree’s foliage. Different textures, sizes, shapes, and finishes will make your artificial Christmas tree look fuller and more eye-catching!

Use Textured or Patterned Ribbons

use ribbons to enhance your green christmas tree

Photo Courtesy of Inspired by Charm.

Ribbons are more than just fillers—they add depth and texture to your display, and Michael Wurm’s Balsam Spruce is a powerful example. The red and black plaid ribbon enhances the colors of the ornaments, trims, and picks. Metallic or glittered ribbons go with metallic decorations, and burlap ribbons work well on a rustic-themed tree. Ribbons aren’t only affordable; they are also extremely versatile, so don’t be afraid to experiment and have your tree look its best.

Choose the Best Lights

get the best of both worlds with Treetiopia's first color-changing tree

Featuring: Portland Pine

The right type of lights can bring your display together and set the mood for Yuletide gatherings. Clear LED lights have a warm, subtle glow that fit traditional decorations and celebrations. Bright clear lights add sparkle to metallic trims, while multi-colored lights add a festive touch to any décor. If you can’t decide, the Portland Pine features Treetopia’s first color-changing LED technology that lets you switch from multicolor to clear with ease. An unlit Christmas tree can also work, but a truly stunning green Christmas tree deserves to be lit.

Your traditional green Christmas can be chic, stylish, and stunning. Learn how to add that extra oomph! to your holiday centerpiece with this guide from Treetopia. Do you have any questions about green Christmas tree decorations? Ask us in the comments section below!

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