December 3, 2015

Christmas in Technicolor: Maggie of Maggie Holmes Design

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A girly-girl at heart, Maggie Holmes showcases her love for scrapbooking, photography, and paper crafting on Maggie Holmes Design. During her time away from work, you can find her cooking up gluten and dairy-free cookies, spending time with her family, enjoying a date night with her husband, or going out with her friends. From creating her line of paper products to teaching online photography workshops, Maggie continues to find new ways to share her passion. 

Photo Courtesy of Maggie Holmes Design
Learn more about Maggie and her holiday decorating ideas in our exclusive interview:

TT: What is your decorating mantra?

Maggie: Buy what you love! I find that when I buy the things I love, I can always find a way to work them in to our décor. I don’t worry about if it fits a certain time period or decorating style because I love a more curated and eclectic look. And when I stick to this “rule”, I always end up with a space that makes me happy!

TT: What room or specific area of the home do you find most challenging to decorate for the holidays? Any tips on styling this specific area?

Maggie: We live in Arizona now so I find the exterior or front porch area harder to decorate. We don’t get snow so it certainly doesn’t have that picturesque Christmas feel when you go outside! I do add lots of poinsettias to our porch and a wreath on our front door.

TT: What was your craziest/funniest/most unlikely source of inspiration for a holiday theme?

Maggie: I don’t have anything crazy but I do have a memorable year in relation to our holiday décor. We had only been married a few years and most of the Christmas decorations we had were things we had tried to piece together with not much money as newlyweds. I was anxious to redo our tree and get some new things and we were gifted a $100 gift card early in December. We decided that I could use it to purchase all new ornaments for our tree, a few other decorations and new stockings. I can still remember how exciting it felt to have that whole gift card to spend on new décor! Over the years my style has changed and we have slowly switched all of that out for different things. Just this year, I boxed it all up and donated it to another family that was in need. I have no idea who is actually receiving it but I hope that those decorations make them as happy as they did me all those years ago!

TT: How did you decide on the color combination for your tree?

Maggie: This year we set up the tree in our living room, rather than our family room, and it is a more formal space, so I decided to go with a softer and more neutral color scheme. I love white and of course gold so those were my starting points. Then I mixed in some silver to add dimension and finished it with a few touches of color but only in soft, muted tones.

TT: What other holiday would your Technicolor tree be perfect for?

Maggie: You could easily translate my color scheme into your décor for Easter… the soft pastels, gold and white would be perfect, swapping out the stars and pinecones for things that are more spring themed.

TT: Is there a specific part of your Technicolor tree you want to highlight?

Maggie: I decided to add the gold chipboard letters in all of our initials to personalize our tree and make it come to life for the kids. The kids actually made them and then we placed two ornaments for each person in our family around the tree. They love finding their initials!

Photo Courtesy of Maggie Holmes Design

Visit Maggie Holmes Design to see more of Maggie’s tree for Design Council 2015: Christmas in Technicolor!

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