December 3, 2015

Christmas in Technicolor: Kelli and Kristi of Lolly Jane

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Kelli and Kristi Mullins are the twin sisters behind Lolly Jane, an eclectic blog where they share home decor, crafts, furniture revamps, project roundups, and the occasional tasty recipe. They love to decorate, design, rearrange, and fix up their spaces. As wives and mothers, they try to date their husbands as much as possible and be the best moms they can be to their little kids.


Learn more about Kelli and Kristi and their knack for DIY projects in our exclusive interview:

TT: Best decorating advice you want to share with your readers? 

Lolly Jane: Do what YOU love. Too often we get worried about the beautiful decor we see in our feeds. We need to remember if we love it, that’s enough.

TT: What room or specific area of the home do you find most challenging to decorate for the holidays? Any tips on styling this specific area? 

Lolly Jane: The dining room. I finally built shelving to make it easier since that’s the room we spend a lot of time in. Now I can swap trees for pumpkins when the seasons change, etc. Year round, white dishes can stay as the staples of the shelves.

TT: How did you decide on the color combination for your tree? 

Lolly Jane: We were inspired by the queen of decor herself, Martha Stewart. She made the cutest village wreath with houses and bottle brush trees. We loved the colors and took it up a notch by adding aqua tones, a nontraditional yet classy Christmas color.

TT: Why did you pick this specific tree to decorate? How does this tree differ from your tree from last year? 

Lolly Jane: Flocked trees are all the rage right now and created a gorgeous base for us to work from. Last year’s tree was also white but we love the addition of the fluffy needles.

TT: Decorating advice for your readers who want to decorate in Technicolor for the holidays? 

Lolly Jane: Don’t be afraid to be different! You can always pick a new theme next year!

TT: What other holiday would your Technicolor tree be perfect for?

Lolly Jane: Easter! The colors are bright enough for spring but muted enough for the pastels.

Lolly Jane

Visit Lolly Jane to see more of Kelli and Kristi’s tree for Design Council 2015: Christmas in Technicolor!

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