December 4, 2015

Christmas in Technicolor: Carrie of Dream Green DIY

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Carrie Waller is a crafter by day, writer by night, and the creative mind behind craft and lifestyle blog, Dream Green DIY. She shares her love for design trends, mid-century modern style, and thrift shops on her blog, and offers her design expertise through Carrie Waller Creative. When she’s not in a local thrift store or estate shop, she enjoys the company of her husband and four pets in their Virginia home.

Learn more about Carrie and her mid-century modern style in our exclusive interview:

TT: What is Christmas Eve like in your household?

Carrie: Christmas PJs, holiday vinyls on the record player, a fire in the fireplace, and lights twinkling from the lit Christmas tree. To me, there’s nothing quite so picturesque or perfect as the night before Christmas in our house!  

TT: Best decorating advice you want to share with your readers?

Carrie: Don’t feel the need to get it all done in one night! My personality tends towards impatience with most things, so I have to fight it constantly when decorating. I’ve found though that the most successful rooms unfold out of an acceptance of the journey and a slow progression towards perfection. I’m doing my best in our new house this season to take things one vignette, one can of paint, and one fixture at a time. It feels more intentional and I’m able to enjoy every moment rather than breezing right through it all.

TT: What was your craziest/funniest/most unlikely source of inspiration for a holiday theme?

Carrie: The most unlikely source I’ve ever had for Christmas decor is my year-round color palette. I used to hate Christmas decorating because the traditional pieces clashed so much against my typical color scheme, which is anything but Christmasy (think: teal, mint, pale yellow, orange, gray, hot pink). But then I realized that I can decorate on my own terms—even during the holidays. So, now I choose Christmas themed pieces in those colors we use year-round in our decor and the finished look feels so much more intentional. Another bonus of going this direction is that I only need a few touches of Christmas to get the point across!

TT: What was the most challenging aspect of decorating in Technicolor? 

Carrie: Not going overboard! I love color so much, but a little goes a long way. So, start with a monochromatic foundation (we chose a white tree with gold ornaments as the base), and then layer on hits of bold color. The key is knowing when to stop. Try stepping back and squinting at your tree. If the colorful elements feel balanced with the neutral shades, than you’ve nailed it!

TT: Why did you pick this specific tree to decorate? How does this tree your tree from last year? 

Carrie: Since we just moved into a mid-century home that was built in the 1960s, I wanted to stay true to the era. So, a retro-inspired, bright white tree was the perfect accent to our vintage decor. Our tree last year was evergreen with colored lights, and the overall effect was a little more casual and cozy. Not wanting to waste it, we decided to set the green tree up downstairs in our family room, which is filled with more traditional holiday decor and pretty panelling to complement the homey vibes.

TT: Best part of decorating your Treetopia Tree?

Carrie: Aside from how easy it was to set up (15 minutes, tops!), I love that my new Treetopia Tree feels so in line with my everyday style. I set it up, decorated it with bright, boldly-colored ornaments, and then stepped back and my breath was taken away. It felt so “me” and I think that’s what the holidays are all about: decor that steals the senses and feels like a natural and thrilling extension of you!

Visit Dream Green DIY to see Carrie’s tree for Design Council 2015: Christmas in Technicolor!

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