December 3, 2015

Christmas in Technicolor: Beverly of Flamingo Toes

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Beverly McCullough is the fun and quirky persona behind Flamingo Toes. Having grown up in a creative family of artists and seamstresses, it is no surprise that she loves to create. She now oversees Flamingo Toes full-time, and spends most of her time off with her two kids, reading, listening to 80’s music, or watching old movies.

Photo Courtesy of Flamingo Toes
Learn more about Beverly and unique design ideas in our exclusive interview:

TT: What is your decorating mantra?

Beverly: It’s taken me a while to define my decorating style, but now I’m pretty sold on “whatever I like” as a general style. I’m sort of joking and sort of serious—I think if you surround yourself with things you love, you’ll be happy with your decorating! That being said, my home has a definite colorful retro vibe going on. And I love it!

TT: What room or specific area of the home do you find most challenging to decorate for the holidays? Any tips on styling this specific area?

Beverly: I used to struggle with decorating my kitchen for Christmas. It is such a functional room that I didn’t want extra décor on the counter but I still wanted it to be pretty and Christmasy! This year I’ve added some simple felt and ribbon wreaths to all the cabinet doors. They add so much color to the room! I’ve also lined my kitchen window with little bottle brush trees. I love them—it’s like a little row of cuteness greeting me when I do the dishes. These are super easy to do and don’t take up any space you need for cooking!

TT: How did you decide on the color combination for your tree?

Beverly: I have wanted to do a bright vintage tree for ages so this worked out perfectly! I just love the combination of those vintage bright colors—pink, turquoise, red, and gold. They look so great together.

TT: What are the first and last steps when decorating a Christmas tree in Technicolor?

Beverly: For my tree, I wanted to bring in a little more color with the lights, so I added some retro pink lights to the tree first. To finish things off, I added a few extra ornaments and then gave myself a day or so to see if I noticed any open spots or any place that needed some extra color.

TT: What was the most challenging aspect of decorating in Technicolor?

Beverly: For me, it was finding the vintage ornaments in the colors and style that I wanted for the tree. Fortunately I found some really great glass ornaments at various thrift and antique stores. I was also able to supplement with some really fun new ornaments that look vintage.

TT: Decorating advice for your readers who want to decorate in Technicolor for the holidays?

Beverly: Don’t be afraid to try new styles or color combinations! And if you don’t want to change out your usual tree, why not consider adding another tree in the kitchen or dining room? It’s so fun to have more than one, and have them decorated in different styles.

Photo Courtesy of Flamingo Toes

Visit Flamingo Toes to see more of Beverly’s tree for Design Council 2015: Christmas in Technicolor!

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