November 3, 2015

How to Decorate your Black Tree

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how to decorate your black tree

Featuring our Midnight Black Christmas Tree (L) and Black Tiger Christmas Tree (R)

If you’re looking for a holiday centerpiece with unique charm and personality, black Christmas trees are a fantastic choice. Stylish and modern, black trees have their own distinct brand of versatility, and can greatly enhance the atmosphere of your home. Here are 4 easy black Christmas tree decorating ideas you’ll want to try this Christmas:

Black and White

black and white

UL: Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree, UR: Winter White Garland, LL: Formally Yours Black and White Ornament Set LR: Tuxedo Black with Decorations

Black and white is a timeless combination, but you can add more depth to your tree by throwing in some silver and grey. Ornaments like our Formally Yours Black And White Ornament Set benefit the most from this color scheme, with their beads and glitter highlighting your tree and sparkling with every twinkle of your Christmas lights. Drape a garland, such as our Winter White Garland, around your black tree for added contrast and an even more striking display.

Crystalline Christmas

Crystalline Christmas

UL: Treetopia Basics Black Tree, UR: Moons of Mercury Iridescent Ornament Set, MR: Ice Queen Glass Icicle Set, LR: Old World Ornament Set

Glass and iridescent ornaments help make your black Christmas more vibrant, and shimmering ornaments like our Moons of Mercury Iridescent Ornament Set, Old World Splendor Ornament Set, and Ice Queen Glass Icicle Set really give your tree some shine.

Black and Glam

Black and Glam

UL: Black Tiger Christmas Tree, UR: 54″ Ivory Dream Satin Tree Skirt, LL: Simply Regal Shatterproof Ornament Set LR: Gemmed Up Pearl Beaded Ornaments

Black is often associated with simplicity and mystery, while gold is exuberant and luxurious. Gold ornaments, such as our Gemmed Up Pearl Beaded Ornaments or Simply Regal Shatterproof Ornament Set add a sense of classic elegance combined with playful charm. Finish your tree off with our Ivory Dream Satin Tree Skirt, with its metallic trim accenting your gilded ornaments beautifully.

Colorful Classics

Colorful Classics

L: Stiletto Black Pencil Tree, UM: Green with Envy Assorted Ornament Set, UR: Red with Passion Assorted Ornament Set, LR: Rose Red Tree Skirt

Get the best of both worlds and infuse your modern black tree with ornaments and accessories that fit into a classic Christmas color theme. Bright and playful ornaments, like our Red with Passion Assorted Ornament Set and Green with Envy Assorted Ornament Set, will stand out against your black tree’s foliage. Complete the classic holiday look with our Rose Red Tree Skirt and give your Christmas presents a timeless home.

From modern to traditional decor, black trees are gorgeous backdrops for any theme you might have in mind. What are your favorite themes for black Christmas trees? We’d love to hear from you!

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