October 8, 2015

How to Dress Your Pet for Halloween

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Why should we have all the fun when it comes to dressing up for Halloween? This year, let your dog, cat, hedgehog, lizard, or any other pet you have join in on the festivities by dressing them up in spooky, dark, cute, or funny costumes! Here are a few ideas and tips to help get you started:

Go for Paper Mache

An adorable cupcake costume - a pupcake!

Photo courtesy of Chelsea from Lovely Indeed

If you’re not sure what material you could use for a pet costume, give paper mache boxes a try. They’re easy to work with and cheap enough for you to try out ideas and experiment with costumes you may not have tried before. Best of all, it’s an extremely lightweight material—and weight is always something you have to consider when dressing your pet. Chelsea from Lovely Indeed came up with this amazing DIY on how to turn your dog into a walking cupcake for Halloween, and we think it’s brilliant and adorable.

Make Use of the Collar

Hula collar Halloween costume

Photo courtesy of Ashley from Modernette

If there’s one item on your pet you should consider as the base of your design, it’s the collar. You can stick your costumes on it or create a costume on the collar itself! The collar also happens to be the most stable area of most pets for mounting a costume because it will stay on, and ensure that he feels little to no discomfort. Ashley from Modernette put together an adorable DIY hula dancer costume for dogs, and made great use of the collar as its base.

Try a Cape

DIY no-sew Batman costume for dogs

Photo courtesy of Fallon Carmichael

Everyone loves the classic superhero costume for Halloween, so why should pets be any different? If this is your first time dressing your pet as the world’s caped crusader, try one of the most convenient options available: capes. Aside from being easy to make, they can be very stable and sturdy. The worst that can happen is the cape gets chewed on, or your pet decides to roll around in the dirt for a few rounds. Either way, the damage is never a deal-breaker. We suggest pairing the cape with a mask to optimize cuteness. Fallon Carmichael of Sage + Sparkle created a DIY guide to turn your canine or feline companion into the Dark Knight. It looks so great, even Christian Bale’s dog would be jealous.

Transform into a Different Animal

DIY Stegosaurus costume for dogs

Photo courtesy of Kristen Strauss

Have a new pet for Halloween by turning your cat or dog into a dinosaur! Kristen Strauss from The Next Bird put together this great DIY guide showing you how to turn your pet into a stegosaurus. While it’s originally designed for dogs, we think this design can be tailored to cater to the Halloween fashion needs of other animals, such as cats or guinea pigs.

Coordinate Outfits

Matching hotdog vendor and hotdog costumes for you and your pet

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Lynn

Grab this chance to match your pet’s costume, and show all the cats and dogs that humans still know how to rock Halloween. Stephanie Lynn shows you how to create a great costume that you and your pet can wear.

What are your favorite pet costumes? Comment below—we’d love to hear from you!

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