October 29, 2015

Black Dishes and Drinks to Make for Halloween

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Halloween is often a colorful time of year, but one hue still reigns supreme: black. This year, give those vibrant colors a rest and try out these dishes and drinks in ominous shades of black for your next Halloween celebration.

No Knead Black Bread

No Knead Black Bread from Grim Grains

Photo courtesy of Jessica Lindsay

Start your guests off with some bread that echoes the sentiment of the season. You can make this No Knead Black Bread from Grim Grains in only 60 minutes, giving you enough time to prepare other dishes for the party. Serve it with butter or by itself for a truly spooky appetizer.

Squid Ink Pasta

Squid Ink Pasta by Tami Hardeman

Photo courtesy of Tami Hardeman

Bring something strange to your dining table this Halloween with this squid ink pasta replete with tentacles. Tami from Running With Tweezers put together this amazing recipe that’s as sinister as it is delicious. The best part is that squid ink spaghetti or linguini is readily available and you can choose any size or shape you want.

Black Licorice Widow Martini

Black Licorice Widow Martini by Leah Bergman

Photo courtesy of Leah Bergman

Taking inspiration from one of Halloween’s most beloved creepy crawlies is the Black Licorice Widow Martini. Leah from Freutcake put this recipe together and we think it’s a great addition to any party. She even included a virgin version for those who can’t or don’t drink alcohol, making this drink perfect for party guests of all ages!

Adam’s Scary Apples

Spooky Apples for Halloween by Matt Armendariz

Photo courtesy of Matt Armendariz

An apple that didn’t work out too well for a certain Disney princess could turn out to be the star of your Halloween table. Glossy and inviting, these candy apples bring a touch of dark fantasy and fairy tales to any Halloween party. Prepare this bewitching treat and watch your guests fall prey to the charm of this scrumptious dessert. Matt from Mattbites has more information on how this genius recipe was put together.

Black Coffee Macarons

Black Coffee Macarons by Monika Domańska

Photo courtesy of Monika Domańska

If classic Halloween movies like Dracula and The Grudge aren’t enough to keep you and your friends awake this spine-chilling season, a good helping of these Black Coffee Macarons should do the trick. Monika created these caffeinated treats all the way in Poland, and shows you how to make them on her blog, Chilitonka, where you can find an English version of the recipe towards the end of the post.


Do you have any black Halloween dishes and drinks you’ve enjoyed in seasons past? We’d love to hear about them!


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