September 4, 2015

Decorating a Rocking Vinyl Record Music Tree

Posted by Jennifer Perkins in Decorating Ideas for Every Christmas Tree

How to decorate a music themed tree.

I knew I was hanging on to all those vinyl records for a reason. All those trips to the record store are still paying off. Nowadays, I seem to craft using records more than I play them, but at least they are getting used. And used pretty well in the case of this rocking version of the Treetopia Pretty in Pink Potted Christmas Tree.

Making vinyl record ornaments for a music tree.

The ornaments on the tree are a combination of things. There are green traditional ornaments and silver tinsel. Every tree needs something that sparkles and reflects light, even a music tree. CD ornaments would be great for this too! Some vinyl records have been cut into circles (check out my full tutorial here) and the colored records are stuck in the tree decoratively. Don’t worry music purists the 7″s were not scratched and the ones that were melted were thrifted already in non-listenable condition.

How to make gift boxes out of vinyl records.

One of my favorite ways to wrap a gift is by making origami boxes out of vinyl record jackets. I learned this trick in a rad book called Pad (check out my full tutorial here). I think the boxes look perfect nestled under the tree. All they need is a cassette tape pompom on top.

Decorating a tree with vinyl records.

I love thinking about how to use trees in non-Christmas ways. A tree like this would be great as a centerpiece at a sweet sixteen or a “40 and Fabulous” party. I know I for one am going to start officially celebrating National Record Store Day this way. Whatever holiday you decide to decorate with vinyl records for, it will bring all new meaning to “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”.

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