June 11, 2015

Fun Party Ideas for a Fantastic Father’s Day

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Show Dad just how much you love and appreciate him with a lavish party to celebrate all that he does for you. Incorporate your dad’s unique personality, interests, or profession into a theme that he’ll love. Time with family and friends is a great Father’s Day treat, and can provide memories he’ll cherish forever. Check out these Father’s Day party ideas for some inspiration:


Whether he’s a Marvel man or a DC dude, show Dad that he’s your own personal super hero with this fun party theme.

Have guests dress up as your dad’s favorite super hero – whether in full costume, undercover, or just a graphic T-shirt and cape. For a simpler option, have guests wear their own favorite super hero (or villain) outfits. For guests willing to go the extra mile, have them paint their faces to look like comic book characters.

Use brilliant primary colors like blue, red, yellow, white and black. Graphic comic book art cutouts or pages and polka dots are a great addition to spread throughout the décor. Use a silhouette of a city skyline as a creative backdrop for photos or the food table. Hanging up a Superman (or other hero) logo with dad’s initial is a great way to bring the whole look together.

Stick to playful foods for this theme – anything brightly-colored or that makes a sound. Snacks like fruit, popcorn, soda, and Jell-O will satisfy dad’s inner comic-loving child. For more substantial fare, serve hero sandwiches in multiple combinations. Don’t forget the superhero cake!


If Dad can’t get enough of the outdoors, he’ll love this adventurous party theme (which can be customized to his favorite outdoor hobby).

Ask guests to show up in camping, fishing, or hiking gear – anything that is reminiscent of being outside in nature. Bonus points for those that bring all their backpacking gear! For a more subdued nod to the outdoors, have guests wear plaid and neutral tones.

Take advantage of the warm weather and move this party to the yard. Set up a big tent with food options inside (to keep away bugs and avoid direct sunlight). Use plenty of rich neutral shades – think browns, greens, greys, blues. Animal décor, tabletop trees, and photos of dad out and about are all great ways to bring some extra life to the party.

For a more camping and hiking-focused party, serve delicious fireside foods. Hot dogs, skewers, or a baked potatoes can all be cooked over an open flame and are classic favorites. For a more fishing-focused party, serve some delicious grilled fish (freshly caught by Dad himself, if possible!). Finish the evening off with trail mix and s’mores.


Have your country-loving dad saddle up and be a cowboy for a day with this wild party theme.

This is the perfect day for Dad to break out his finest cowboy gear. Ask guests to wear “cowfolk” ensembles, complete with a hat, boots, and bandana. Prop guns, horses, cattle and lassos can really bring an outfit to life. When in doubt, guests can wear paisley or plaid button-up shirts and blue jeans.

Set the scene with cowhide, paisley, or plaid print throughout the party. Neutral tones with splashes of red or denim blue will really embody a country western theme – don’t forget to use plenty of texture! Create a charismatic photo backdrop with a wooden saloon sign or some hay bales and a wagon wheel.

Delicious and sticky cowboy favorites like ribs, steaks, chili, cornbread, and potatoes will please all of your guests. For snacks, try vegetables with ranch dip, corn chips with salsa, and pigs in a blanket. Serve some cold American beer (and root beer, for those who don’t drink alcohol) to wash everything down. Fresh fruit pie or cobbler is a great way to finish off the night.

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