May 28, 2015

Treetopia Loves: No-nail Wall Decorating Ideas

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Whether we’re redecorating our old apartment or moving into a new one, creating a permanent nail hole in a wall is something a lot of us frown upon. Luckily, there are many ways to spruce up your walls without using nails. From geometric wall art using paint pens to temporary wallpaper using floral fabric, we show you how our favorite bloggers create beautiful and practical no-nail wall decorations.

Paint Pen Wall Art

No nail decoration featuring geometric patterns created by paint pens

Photo Courtesy of Laura Gummerman

Add a new dimension to a living room or bedroom wall by adding geometric patterns with paint pens. Using nothing more than an X-Acto knife, scrap cardboard, some painter’s tape, and white paint pens, Laura Gummerman of A Beautiful Mess turned this blank grey area into a lovely statement wall. This no-nail wall decoration was created by tracing around cardboard cutouts, so coming up with your own unique design will be a cinch. Drop by A Beautiful Mess for inspiration and full instructions.

Temporary Fabric Wallpaper

no nail wall decoration featuring temporary wallpaper

Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Adding wallpaper can breathe new life into your walls, but it requires a bit of commitment. Ashley Polskin of Apartment Therapy solves the problem by using lightweight, cotton fabric with floral patterns and some liquid starch to create this temporary wallpaper for her walk-in closet. You may need a helping hand or two, but the result is a stylish wall decoration you can take with you when you move. Find everything you need for this project by visiting Apartment Therapy here.

 Wood Shim Wall Art

no nail wall decoration using wooh shims

Photo Courtesy of Monica from East Coast Creative, The Blog

You’ll love how wood shims can turn an empty wall into a modern work of art. Monica of East Coast Creative used 13 different colors for this project but believes using different shades of one color would also be amazing. The best part about this project: she used Gorilla Wood Glue, so no walls were hurt in the making of this project. Learn more about this no-nail wall decorating idea by visiting East Coast Creative, The Blog here.

Washi Tape Wallpaper

no nail wall art using washi tape

Photo Courtesy of Anjelika Temple

With a few rolls of tape, you can transform any wall in your home or office into an exciting and colorful visual display. Anjelika Temple of Brit.Co used three different types of tape, cutting materials, a measuring tape, and a pencil to create this beautiful statement wall. She used tape with vivid, solid colors, but patterned tape will work just as well. To learn more about this washi tape statement wall, drop by Anjelika’s post here.

Easily spruce up your walls without creating annoying nail holes with these no-nail wall decorating ideas. If you have your own easy and creative no-nail wall decorating ideas, share them with us in the comments section!

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