April 2, 2015

How to Update Your Rooms for Spring

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Winter’s finally over, and it’s time to refresh your home with the most fashionable colors of the season. This year, Pantone is promoting a softer and cooler look with a move towards muted pastels, understated brights, and earthy neutrals. In this post, we feature how you can use Pantone’s minimalistic en plein air theme to give your home that easy, breezy look that’s perfect for spring.

Classic Blue Harmony

A strong and reliable hue, Classic Blue serves as an anchor for Pantone’s Spring and Summer 2015 color palette. It inspires harmony and serenity, making it an ideal color for the living room. With its calming qualities, Classic Blue helps create a space that is more conducive to introspection and quiet relaxation. Pair it with Lucite Green for a fresh and balanced look or with Toasted Almond for an easy and elegant finish.

Aquamarine Dreams

Aquamarine has a light and airy look that helps make a room look more open and spacious. This dreamy and ethereal color acts as a stress reliever, making it perfect for bedrooms. It blends well with other shades of blue and green, and takes on a bold and exciting appeal when combined with Marsala, Pantone’s Color of the Year.

Custard Delight

Make your dinner table a happier place to gather by adding a touch of yellow around it. Whether as the main color or as an accent, Custard perks up your dining room by enhancing the comforting feeling that accompanies good food. A warm and cheerful color, Custard works beautifully with Toasted Almond, and creates a chic maritime look when paired with Classic Blue.

Toasted Almond Tones

One of the most neutral colors in Pantone’s en plein air palette, Toasted Almond can be used to create traditional color combinations or produce bolder, more contemporary ensembles. Timeless and versatile, it instantly evokes the warm, pleasant feelings brought about by spring and summer. Pair it with Strawberry Ice, another of Pantone’s top colors, to balance the coolness of kitchen fixtures and furnishings.

Glacier Gray Showers

A modest and unassuming hue, Glacier Gray contrasts and enhances colors that are paired with it. With its winter tone, it’s a final farewell to the cold season. Reminiscent of April rain showers, it’s also a beautiful welcome to spring. Use this peaceful and quietly reassuring neutral, along with pops of Strawberry Ice or Custard, to make your bathroom look crisp, fresh, and relaxing.

What spring colors do you plan to use for your home? Tell us your best spring decorating ideas in the comments section. If you’ve already started your seasonal decorating, share the results with us and inspire others with your fabulous home decorating tips.

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