February 16, 2015

Simple Tips for Hosting a Stylish Oscars Party

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Hosting an Oscars viewing party is a great way to celebrate Hollywood’s biggest night while getting together with your movie-loving friends. An Oscars-themed party doesn’t necessarily have to be grand or elaborate to be fun. Keeping things relaxed and easy allows everyone to enjoy the show as well as each other’s company. Here are some helpful tips for throwing a simple yet stylish Oscar Night celebration.

Premier Party Decorations

Give party guests the star treatment the moment they enter the front door. Order a few Walk of Fame star decals, arrange them on your floor, and personalize each one with a friend’s name for instant celebrity status.

Johnny Depp Walk of Fame star

Be counted among Hollywood’s most talented thespians like Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, and the Olsen Twins.

These novelty decals are available from several online party stores, are easy to apply and remove, and much more convenient than rolling out a real red carpet.

To set a sophisticated ambiance, just apply the same decorating ideas you would for any elegant gathering. Switch off bright overhead lights and opt for softer illumination with table lamps or flickering artificial candles.

Treetopia gold tabletop trees

Treetopia’s Struck Gold Tinsel Tabletop Trees

A hint of gold is a great way to bring in a bit of Oscar glitz. Purchase or craft some gold paper stars and hang them from the ceiling to add a bit of sparkle to your party space. Likewise, Treetopia Struck Gold Tinsel Tabletop Trees strategically placed on a mantle, coffee table, or console serve to make the evening’s scene more magical.

For a chic and tasteful dinner table, start by choosing a beautiful centerpiece made with fresh flowers. Set down real china, silverware, cloth napkins, and stemware. Finally, create simple place cards to add flair and make your guests feel extra special.

Must-have Movie Munchies

When it comes to the dinner menu, there’s no need to inconvenience yourself. Instead of fancy food or desserts shaped like Oscar statuettes, serve the dishes that you love and are comfortable with preparing.

When it comes to snacks, however, popcorn is essential for any kind of movie-watching experience. Set up a popcorn bar filled with sweet and savory toppings and your guests will munch happily along even through the lengthiest of acceptance speeches.

Sparkling Sippers

To toast the night’s winners, a glass of bubbly is definitely the A-List choice. If you’re rooting for The Grand Budapest Hotel to bag Best Picture like we are, show your support by serving up some Apple Cider Mimosas.

Delicious and easy to make, this apple cider and champagne cocktail is a tasty nod to the “Boy with Apple” painting that figured so prominently in the film.

Do you have any award-winning Oscars party ideas to nominate? Head on to the comments section and share all your fun and festive party tips with us.

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