February 23, 2015

Creating a St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow with Your Colorwheel

Posted by Jennifer Perkins in Home Decorating with Treetopia

Find a decorated tree sitting at the end of the rainbow.

My kitsch-loving heart could not stand the thought of my Revolving Colorwheel living in the attic through a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day that embraces rainbows. Sure, a color wheel looks amazing during the Christmas holidays pointed at a metallic tree (did you see my Toasted Champagne Tree decorated for New Year’s Eve?) but did you know it also works on white trees? Not only does it work, it looks awesome.


How to decorate a tree for St. Patrick’s Day.

My Winter White Potted Pine Tree worked perfectly for this project. The white reflects the colors, and since the tree is in my bedroom, it makes for a fun nightlight. Feel free to add decorations to your tree. Instead of a tree topper, I added a Leprechaun-inspired hat, faux orange beard, and even wrapped the base of my tree in gold tinsel. There may not literally be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, but there is one cute St. Patrick’s Day tree!

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