January 5, 2015

Treetopia’s Christmas Tree Storage Guide

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How to store your Christmas tree

Proper storage preparation is essential for keeping your artificial Christmas tree looking fabulous for countless Christmases to come. Follow our helpful storage guide and give your Christmas tree the tender loving care it deserves.

1. Prepare Your Tree

Treetopia storage bag with inner straps

Proper storage helps your Christmas tree safe and secure

Your Treetopia tree is built to be durable but a few extra steps will help preserve its shape and condition while in storage.

  • Carefully remove all tree ornaments and decorations. For pre-lit trees, be sure to unplug the light connections between each tree section.
  • After lifting off one tree section, gently clean the branches and trunk with a soft brush or clean cloth to remove any dust or dirt.
  • Fully-fluffed branches can take up a lot space in a storage container, so lightly straighten up and flatten the stems to make them more compact.
  • Take this time to inspect the trunk and tree stand. If all looks well, you can then start packing the tree in its storage container.

2. Choose the Right Storage Container

As long as you keep your tree in a dry, cool, place after the holidays, you should be able to store your tree in the cardboard box it came in. However, over time, the box can warp or disintegrate and let in dirt and insects that may damage your tree. Consider investing in these high-quality Christmas tree storage bags for worry-free storage.

Ready to Roll Tree Storage Bag

Full-sized Christmas trees can be rather heavy, so a tree bag with wheels is an extremely practical choice.

Treetopia storage bag with wheels

Treetopia’s Ready to Roll Tree Storage Bag

Tough polyester construction and heavy-duty stitching makes our Ready to Roll Tree Storage Bag rugged yet lightweight. Its durable side handles and three solid wheels make moving your tree easier than ever before. Designed with a roomy interior and a wide opening, this Christmas tree bag can easily accommodate trees up to 9 feet in height.

Larger Than Life Tree Storage Bag

Give your prized Christmas tree maximum protection with all the premium features of our Larger Than Life Tree Storage Bag.

Treetopia storage bag with steel frame and wheels

Treetopia’s Larger Than Life Tree Storage Bag

Constructed with strong polyester fabric and a reinforced steel frame, this storage bag keeps your tree safe and sound throughout the off-season. Its spacious interior is perfect for trees up to 9 feet tall, and its built-in compression straps help secure and support your tree during transport and storage.

High Roller Medium Tree Storage Bag

If you have ample storage space and want to keep your Christmas tree fully assembled, an upright tree bag is a great option.

Treetopia upright storage bag with wheels

Treetopia’s High Roller Medium Tree Storage Bag

Able to fit trees up to 7.5 feet in height, our High Roller Medium Tree Storage Bag comes with a special wheeled base and a sturdy polyester bag that attaches to your tree like a tree skirt. When it’s time to put your tree away, simply remove the ornaments, pull up the bag, and roll the entire tree to its storage area. For trees up to 9 feet in height, our High Roller Large Tree Storage Bag has you covered.

Help maintain the lovely look and condition of your cherished Christmas tree by trying out these smart and simple tree storage tips.

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